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5 Useful JavaScripts I Commonly Use

This is for anyone interested in learning more about how to use JavaScript with Captivate.  Here’s a list of 5 simple yet commonly used JavaScripts […]

Captivate 2017 – JavaScript to delay next action

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use JavaScript to delay the next action, similarly the way you would using advanced actions. I […]

Super-Easy Dynamic Successive ‘Quiz Failure Attempts’

Preamble This blog is in response to a few comments and questions I’ve seen about successive failure attempts such as “if a learner gets a […]

PowerPoint, Meters, and States – Oh My!

PowerPoint sometimes gets a bad rap but I truly believe in the ‘power’ that PowerPoint has available. In this post, I wanted to share with […]

Captivate kompakt: Word-Handout erzeugen

In diesem Video erfahren Sie, wie Sie Word-Handouts in Captivate generieren können.

Adobe Presenter Video Express Live Stream

Join me on January 15th, 16:00 EST / 21:00 UTC to learn how you can use Adobe Presenter Video Express to create your software eLearning […]

Captivate 2017 is a great tool in my kit and so easy to learn!

I began using Captivate three days ago.  Yup, only three days ago, and I’ve made three responsive projects already! Captivate is so easy to learn, […]

Puzzle Drag & Drop Review options

I’m developed Puzzle Drag & Drop in captivate-9 and drag & drop no default review options in captivate, but now added review options by using […]

How to Animate Buttons (and lots of other cool Javascript stuff!)

Preamble Something that I noticed with Captivate’s built in effects is that you cannot (or at least it is challenging) animate buttons.  In other words, […]

Adobe Captivate – Custom Start for Mobile

Working with stakeholders can sometimes get challenging when you need to educate and set their expectations with regards to the norms that most of us […]

Cost of Training Vs. Cost of Not Training

Human resources are the drivers of organization’s business endeavors. They cause business to win new opportunities and help grow further. Eventually, they also impact negatively […]

#SmarteLearning with the 2017 Release of Adobe Captivate

In a world of smart-everything, from cities to televisions, why should eLearning be left out? With an innovative approach to authoring, content, and total cost […]