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There are many blogs out there about technology, education and technology in education. This is another one. Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is a serious business, and though the tone of my posts may be lighthearted and written without a scholarly sentence between them, that doesn’t mean that I don’t wholly understand what I do, or take what I do lightly: because as well as exploring, using and encouraging academics at my institution to embed technology into their practice, there’s a much bigger picture: helping those self-same lecturers to pass their digital knowledge to their students, and making the navigation of our digital landscape as pleasurable as possible for as many as possible.

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Using ‘Padlet’ for Enquiry -Based Learning

This is the guest post I wrote for Cardiff University’s Learning Technology blog. Click on the image below to access the post in all of […]

Post for ALT #OER18: ‘Hands off my Stuff!’

I’m all for sharing. My parents made sure of that when I wouldn’t let me brother play with my Dick Dastardly pedal car and in […]

My name is Rebecca and I’m a Learning Technologist (Part 1)

I was talking to someone with a similar job to mine last week, and he told me that whenever anyone asks him what he does, […]

We Need to Talk

After almost 6 years working as a learning technologist, I’ve finally popped my ALTC cherry, and it’s been a blast. A hectic, non-stop, 10 hours […]

The Third Space

I’ve written about or mentioned a certain bugbear in many posts over the past few years. It’s something that, to quote great thinker and philosopher […]

You’re Tired!

It was on this very day 10 years ago that markets woke up to a problem when French bank BNP Paribas halted redemptions, or funds […]

The way to academics’ hearts is through their minds

I presented the following abstract at Cardiff University’s Learning and Teaching conference on Tuesday. And no, I haven’t forgotten about those ‘gaming is the future’ […]

‘Isn’t she in Game of Thrones?’

…said my erstwhile partner when he caught me clapping my hands with same level of enthusiasm a horse-mad 4 year old may display on receiving […]

Game On! (Part 2)

A warning to other bloggers out there: this is what happens when you promise your audience that you are going to write something groundbreaking based […]

Figuratively Speaking

I often like to think of myself as the Queen of the Cliche or Dark Mistress of the Analogy. Not in terms of any Stephen […]

Innovate or Die!

The NMC’s ‘On the Horizon’ Report is one I  look forward to reading at the start of each year.  It’s clearly written, it’s honest and, for me, […]

EDULEARN16 and Jisc Connect Wales

This week I was fortunate enough to have been asked to present at two conferences: EDULEARN16 in Barcelona and Jisc’s Connect Wales. In Barcelona […]