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How Does the Lectora Media Library Help? [Infographic]

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What is an LMS and How Can It Support Training? [Infographic]

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Gamification: Combining Fun and Learning in Millennial Onboarding

This blog gives training managers the reasons to use gamification in millennial onboarding.

3 Savvy Ways to Deliver Microlearning in Your Blended Learning

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3 Key Benefits of Rapid E-learning [Infographic]

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A Guide to Create E-Learning Courses Quickly

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7 Secrets of a Successful ERP Training Program

Get 7 proven tips to deliver high-quality ERP training.

Microlearning Modules for Classroom Trainers – Thanksgiving Gift from CommLab India

This Thanksgiving, we bring to you a series of 6 microlearning nuggets for classroom trainers, in interesting formats, to know what they are, check this […]

5 Reasons to Use Microlearning in Millennial Onboarding

This blog gives Training and HR managers the reasons to try microlearning in the millennial onboarding process.

Why Videos Are Preferred Digital Learning Resources

Find out what makes videos ideal online learning resources.

Train the Trainer E-Course for Engaging Classroom Sessions

Are you looking for resources that help you make your classroom training sessions engaging and effective? Read on to see what we have in store.

iSpring Suite 8.7 – What Makes It a Very Useful Authoring Tool

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