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5 Amazing Features of Claro to Explore Right Now [Infographic]

Check our infographic for 5 amazing features of Claro to explore right now.

6 Visual Design Secrets of Successful E-learning

Find out how you can come up with a highly effective visual design strategy for your online courses.

Simulations Just Got Simpler: Courtesy Adobe Captivate

Explore the power of Adobe Captivate for creating powerful software simulations.

Get Smart with Big Data Learning Analytics

L&D managers can leverage the strengths of big data by applying learning analytics to make strategic changes to their training programs.

Here’s How You Can Find the Right Custom E-learning Partner

Find out what it takes to zero-in on the right e-learning vendor, to develop your bespoke online course.

8 Point Checklist to Convert Your Legacy Courses into Effective E-learning [Infographic]

A 8-point checklist to convert legacy courses to effective eLearning.

Lectora 17: What’s In It For You?

This blog gives L&D professionals a quick recap of the new features introduced in Lectora Inspire 17.

Give Social Learning a Boost with a Blended Approach

Wondering how to include more social learning in your training program? Don’t worry, Blended Strategy has the answers.

7 Mobile Learning Myths Debunked

This blog busts 7 myths that surround mobile learning and helps allay the misconceptions of training managers.

Why Does Video-based Learning Work in M-learning and Microlearning?

Why video works in learning? Let’s dive right into its use and success in microlearning and mobile learning.

Using Storyline Templates for Quick E-Course Development

Deep dive into the template feature of Articulate Storyline.

Is eLearning Development Slowing You Down? Switch to Rapid!

Is eLearning development slowing you down? Rapid eLearning is a better alternative that can reduce development time by over 40%.