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It’s here!

So, as you (should) know, I’ve written a book debunking learning myths. Of course, writing it, and getting your mitts on it are two different […]

Plagiarism and ethics

I recently wrote on the ethics of L&D, and I note that I didn’t address one issue. Yet, it’s very clear that it’s still a problem. In […]

New and improved evaluation

A few years ago, I had a ‘debate’ with Will Thalheimer about the Kirkpatrick model (you can read it here).  In short, he didn’t like […]

Tools and Design

I’ve often complained about how the tools we have make it easy to do bad design. They make it easy to put PPTs and PDFs […]

P&D Strategies

In an article, Jared Spool talks about the strategies he sees UX leaders using.  He lists 3 examples, and talks about how your strategies need […]

No all-singing all-dancing solution

I was pinged on LinkedIn by someone who used the entrée of hearing me speak in next week’s Learning Solutions conference to begin discussing LMS […]

Nancy Giordano #LSCon Keynote Mindmap

Nancy Giordano was the closing keynote for the Guild’s always excellent Learning Solutions conference. In a rapid (!) talk, she gave a different cut through […]

Kai Kight #LSCon Keynote Mindmap

Kai told stories about his experiences in music and used them to draw lessons for us. He inspired us to connect to our purpose and […]

Platon #LSCon Keynote Mindmap

Platon, a portrait photographer extraordinaire, gave a poignant presentation about leadership. Starting with some presidential anecdotes, he weaved in celebrities on the way to world […]

Return on Wisdom

In the early days of the internet, I had a chance to read one of the early translations of The Japan That Can Say No.  The […]

Diagramming Microlearning

I’ll be giving an upcoming webinar where I make my case for defining microlearning.  And, as part of my usual wrestling with clarity, I created […]

Warning: Snake Oil

So this just appeared in my email this morning.  Can you tell what’s wrong? “The next generation of L&D is here. Millennials are quickly becoming […]