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The pros and cons of selecting an LMS solution

A learning management system (LMS) is a large investment for any company; choose from either open source, cloud solution or a server based solution. Take […]

What does effective eLearning look like?

We often get asked what effective e-learning looks like, so here are some general guidelines on what to include in order to create the most […]

eLearning design - How to align objects in Articulate Storyline

Following on my blog about the top ten eLearning design tips, I will be explaining the process of aligning objects in Articulate Storyline. Completing this […]

16 questions to ask when selecting an eLearning provider

If you read my previous blog, 12 people to work with for a successful eLearning project, you may have decided that outsourcing your eLearning is […]

The importance of image optimisation in eLearning design

Image optimisation is often an afterthought when you are knee deep in a project, but it’s one of those things which is vital to the […]

What does it really mean? We investigate eLearning buzz words

There are always new buzz words appearing, and it’s easy to lose track of what they mean and what you should be doing. eLearning is […]

Balancing design and content during the eLearning experience

When designing eLearning solutions, how do you create a programme that is balanced – allowing the learning to flow, the design to be great and […]

Everything you need to know about responsive eLearning

What does ‘responsive’ mean? You are probably already familiar with responsive websites; take for example the Bray Leino Learning website that you are on right […]

What’s hot in eLearning development?

As an eLearning developer it is very easy to focus on the here and now, getting the job done for clients on time and meeting the […]

The end of eLearning as we know it

I recently had cause to create some content in Adobe Flash, and it reminded me of how easy it is to create hand-drawn animations and […]

What is blended learning?

When I started my career in L&D, a blended learning solution would have been any programme that had an additional element to the face to […]

The rebirth of eLearning

In my previous blog I discussed how it is The End of eLearning As We Know It. Today, I'm going to discuss the rebirth of […]