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A Day in the Life of an e-Learning Freelancer

One of my favorite parts of writing the Succeeding as an e-Learning Freelancer series has been the opportunity to individually scrutinize each of the different […]

Using Black and White in Course Design

This week, I’m writing about my Articulate Challenge of the Week submission: Using Black and White in Course Design Monochromatic Color Schemes Although the challenge […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Break Up with a Freelance Client

In the first few years of my e-Learning freelance career, like many freelancers, I focused more on getting paid than I did on doing work […]

Questions from the e-Learning Mailbag

As I get ready to finish the Succeeding as an e-Learning Freelancer series, I thought it might be useful if I shared some of the […]

Level-Up Your Freelance Game: Get Paid by the Project, Not by the Hour

Last week, I talked about how charging an hourly rate is a great way to start out in your freelance e-Learning career, particularly as you […]

What to Charge as an e-Learning Freelancer (and How to Compete with Discounters who Undercharge)

One of the most challenging decisions to make as an e-Learning freelancer is how much you should charge. If you charge too much, you may […]

Exploring JavaScript and Storyline 360: Randomness (#5)

Welcome to post #5 in my Exploring JavaScript and Storyline 360 series. In today’s post, I wanted to talk about using the random number generator […]

How to Successfully Finalize a Freelance e-Learning Project

Reaching a project finish line is a great feeling—you’re done! You finally made it through all that work! It’s definitely worth celebrating the end of […]

How Are You Using Scrolling Panels in E-Learning? #169

It’s a quick one this week. I just noticed that David had released the latest e-Learning challenge which involves using scrolling panels in e-Learning. For […]

Exploring JavaScript and Storyline 360: Adding a JavaScript Timer (#4)

Welcome to Post #4 as I continue on my journey to learn more about using JavaScript to extend Storyline 360. JavaScript Timer In this week’s […]

The 3 Most Common Problems of Freelance e-Learning Projects—and How to Solve Them

Take a moment with me to envision the perfect freelance e-Learning project. The client is easy to work with, they pay well, the work is […]

Using Top Down View Perspectives for e-Learning

In this week’s Articulate e-Learning Heroes Challenge, Interactive Office Activities Using Top View Perspective #168, it’s all about using the overhead perspective to orient learners […]