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3 Reasons To Stop Using Buzzwords

Buzzwords (wikipedia) are trite, pithy words and phrases that people sometimes borrow to make their own ideas seem more convincing. While some have found success using these terms […]

How to Build Trust with Your Project Manager

PM Trudeau brilliantly outmaneuvers Pres. Trump’s unpredictable handshake style. (Feb 13) Are you an instructional designer? Are you’re getting stepped on by your project manager (PM) at work? […]

Infographic: 5 Fixes for IDs

When Needs Analysis Fails: Five Simple Fixes for Instructional Designers

Hi. You’re about to read an imaginary story that might make you cringe…at least I hope it will. To experience the full effect, I’ll have to […]

Video Cloning in After Effects

Video Summary: Cloning is all in the planning and post-production. First, you shoot all the “pieces” you need. Then all the pieces are cut using […]

How do I get over my bad habit of procrastinating?

Answer by Suresh Rathinam: I was a very bad Procrastinator for a very long time, until I really understood the basics of why I procrastinate. […]

Paul Burton’s 12 Tips to Make Email More Effective

Overall Objective Reduce and improve time spent using email. Reduce receiver-centric behaviors — Reduce the number of replies needed so you really do reduce email. Weed […]

3-Minute Summary of My Film Production Class

I took a 4-hour class for 16 weeks in order to learn what this video demonstrates in 3 minutes… Moral of the story: Don’t go to […]

I’m an Expert

Developers make things so complicated! “We don’t want to hear what is or isn’t possible; Just make it happen!” (This is the best project-planning meeting […]

The Science of Orienting Response: What Is It About Media That Engages Learners?

What is it about media that captivates people?  How should I be using more media (or less media) in my instruction?  At what times?  For […]

Earn My “Photoshop CS6 Literacy” Badge!

This new badge* will be accessible at non-BYU sponsored webpage. The direct link is not live yet; I still need to get my rubric reviewed […]

Howard Gardener Speaks Out: Multiple Intelligences ≠ Learning Styles

In a recent Washington Post Op-Ed, Howard Gardner discusses his thoughts on the misinterpretation of MI Theory.  Here are some highlights from the article. What is ‘Multiple […]