Build a Data-Driven HR Team and Company Culture

Today, most HR teams feel pressured to show the value of what they do, measure the value of human capital, and show how people programs impact productivity and their company's bottom line. If you are feeling it, you are not alone. For over ten years, leading research firms, professional HR associations, and consultants have been telling HR we need to become data-driven. If we don't, they imply, our competition will run us over like a steamroller flattening the Roadrunner. The story is that most of HR lags in analytics and needs to upskill to become data-savvy. True, some companies have made genuine progress, but they are technology-based data natives like Google or have had the resources to spend years getting it right. Most still struggle or wonder how to get started. The Real Reason HR Lags in Data Analytics We can see why. How do you become data-driven and analytics savvy when locked in a culture that doesn't value data? In organizations, top leadership drives culture, especially the CEO. If the CEO doesn't value analytics capability and the superior decision-making that can flow from it, there can be little momentum toward becoming data-driven. In recent separate surveys, Deloitte and NewVantage Partners found that mindset to be prevalent in most organizations. > 63% of US executives do not believe their companies are analytics-driven. (Deloitte) > 67% say they are not comfortable accessing or using data. (Deloitte) > Only 31% of companies say they are data-driven, a decline from 37% in 2017. (NewVantage Partners)

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