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Cafe eLearning is a regularly updated blog that posts numerous articles related to the eLearning industry. We here at Cafe eLearning are thrilled by the disruption that the e-learning is creating today and want to share the latest happenings in the industry with our readers. The articles posted cover various topics like future and growth of e Learning, gamification, story based learning and more.

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What is Scenario-Based Learning?

Briefly, scenario based learning is practical learning that enables makes the learner to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical usage for solving real life issues. […]

What is a Learning Ecosystem?

The notion that learning happens in an instructor led classrooms, though stands valid, the concept and the process of learning has evolved in the modern […]

Why Rapid eLearning is the New Form of Education in Today’s World

eLearning is increasingly taking the lead role in business education, corporate training and professional workshops, driving new skill set acquisition and knowledge management across diverse […]