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Introducing Chalkup Guided Tour Videos

Today we’re excited to unveil our shiny new guided tours, covering everything you need to know about getting up and running with Chalkup. We’ll talk […]

3 Easy Tips to Go Back to School With Chalkup

It's a new school year (in the US), and we couldn't be more excited! Get your Chalkup account ready with new courses, students, and welcome […]

Teachers: What To Do the Night Before Going Back to School

It can be hard to sit still the night before the first day of school. This doesn’t change once you’re in the teacher’s seat. There’s […]

The Teacher's Guide to Using Google Drive 2.0

Last year we released the Teacher’s Guide to Using Google Drive in the Classroom. We covered the basics of Drive and how it can be […]

New Book on Formative Tech: Q&A with Author, Monica Burns

Formative assessment is a must for educators, but it can be difficult to judge with all the demands on a busy teacher’s to-do list. In […]

What Happens When a Teacher Has a Great Teaching Method?

This post originally appeared on Medium. What if science breakthroughs weren’t shared with the world? Great teaching today is equivalent to a scientist discovering DNA […]

What Slack Can Teach Us About Class Collaboration

Has your workplace transitioned to Slack yet? The team communication tool is white-hot in the work world. It’s a little like e-mail. It’s a little […]

How to Grade Using a Digital Rubric Workflow

Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. English teachers and rubrics. Some of our biggest users of Chalkup's rubric workflow are English teachers managing essays, […]

Teacher to Edtech Influencer: Q&A with Clara Galan

The education industry is experiencing a sea change. Lisa Frank trapper keepers have long since been replaced by Google Drive. Upwards of 20 million devices […]

In Education, It's Actually a Big Deal to Build Something Simple and Obvious, Not 'Disruptive'

Disruption has been a popular word for tech companies. Everyone talks about breaking the mold. Being bolder and bigger. Turning an industry on it’s head. […]

Building the Digital Resource Library of Your Dreams

By now you’ve probably seen the materials tab that lives on every class page in Chalkup. But do you know that this tiny icon is […]

Chalkup's Top 10 Edtech Blog Posts of 2016

2016. What an interesting year.  We’ve combed through our 2016 blogs and found the 10 most-loved, most-read, and most-shared pieces. Take a quick walk down […]