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Beware of Change Management Stars!

TED presenter Margaret Heffernan challenges the corporate focus on star employees who outperform their peers. In Why It’s Important to Forget the Pecking Oder at […]

A Manifesto for Agile Change Management

Jason Little A few days after participating in Change Management Review’s Second Virtual Change Summit, Jason Little posted this article to LinkedIn. He begins by […]

Survivor’s Guilt

When was the last time your change plan addressed the fallout of a reorganization? What about the drop in quality and productivity that we all […]

Change Management and the Change Monster

In his TED talk Technology Disruption Meets the Change Monster. Who Wins?, Patrick Forth describes the growth associated with “the digital ecosystem,’ and explains how […]

What is the Gig Economy, and What Does It Mean for Business Owners?

It is estimated that the number of freelancers and independent contractors will more than double to 7.6 million workers by 2020. No industry is protected […]

How to Influence Millennials…and Everyone Else

As change practitioners, our real power is the power of influence. It is unlikely that we have direct authority over very many of those who […]

No One Cares How Late You Worked. Here’s What to Focus On Instead.

In this brief video, E.piphany founder Steve Blank describes the company’s culture of late nights at work, and the epiphany he had after leaving at […]

Why You Need Conversational Intelligence

As change practitioners, we spend a great deal of our lives in conversation: we interview; conduct focus groups; hold one-on-one and one-on-team meetings; we advocate […]

The Future Workforce and the Practice of Change

We tend to play a responsive role in a dynamic environment. Leaders—whether in the C-suite or further down in the organization—determine the changes to be […]

Classic Revisited: William Bridges Managing Transitions

One of the pioneering works of change management, William Bridges’ 1991 book Managing Transitions is a classic in our field. His model remains at the […]

Advice from a Billionaire

What advice could a billionaire offer to us as change practitioners? In fact, the counsel that Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater (hedge fund), offers in […]

All Change is Personal

As change practitioners, we each bring our own lens to our work. For some, it is an HR lens, or IT, or OD. Yours might […]