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Question Score and Report in ActivePresenter 7

In creating eLearning content, defining how to score and report learner results is one of the most important tasks, especially when you need to track […]

Exporting Projects to PDF, Word, Excel, and HTML SlideShow Documents

ActivePresenter makes many output formats available, namely image, video, HTML SlideShow, document, and HTML5. This article will show you how to export ActivePresenter projects to […]

Using Random Slides

In the previous tutorial, you’ve known how to use the Slide Pools feature which helps create question pools. Now let’s learn ways to draw questions […]

Create Question Pools

In eLearning course design, question pools (also question banks) are really practical. They come in handy when you wish to reuse questions or create several […]

Tracking Training Courses in an LMS with ActivePresenter

How to keep track of training courses is a basic question to ask for almost all eLearning designers. Not surprisingly, a simple question comes with […]

Working with Rating Scale (Likert) Questions

A Rating Scale (Likert) question is the most commonly used question type in surveys. Let’s learn how to create this eLearning question in the below […]

Working with HTML5 Preview

With the HTML5 Preview feature in ActivePresenter 7, you can preview your project in a browser without exporting it. This lets you know how your […]

Working with Sequence Questions

Generally, sequence questions ask learners to arrange items in a sequence according to some rules. The below tutorial will guide you to create this question […]

Working with Active Window Feature

In recording screen, an Active Window is a top-level window in the recorded application that is active at a time. With the Active Window feature, […]

Adding Custom Scripts

Using ActivePresenter, you don’t need to know JavaScript to design dynamic and advanced courses. But if you want to go beyond the long list of […]

5 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Learning Management System (LMS)

It’s easy to say “We need an LMS”, but it’s hard to choose a right LMS. In fact, buying an ideal LMS can be a […]

Working with Essay Questions in ActivePresenter 7

Essay questions require learners to compose their own answers rather than select answers from a list of possibilities. Let’s learn how to work with this […]