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Tips for Combating the Training Forgetting Curve

In a recent article, we introduced you to the well-documented forgetting curve in training and explained that something called spaced practice can help reduce or even […]

Online Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses

Convergence Training’s online occupational health and safety training courses teach new employees important knowledge and skills while providing experienced employees a way to refresh their understanding […]

What is eLearning? How Can I Use It?

eLearning allows you to access training material online rather than in a traditional classroom setting. This makes eLearning more convenient because you can complete the […]

Spaced Practice: How to Use Refresher Training to Improve Worker Performance

The human brain is amazing. And so are the human abilities to learn new information and skills, remember them, and later retrieve and use them when […]

What is Visual Learning? Identifying and Understanding the Benefits of Visual Learning

Humans are visual creatures. Going back a bit in time, vision was important to us on the African savanna to recognize predators and find food. […]

Training Workers to Use Software Systems with Screen Recording Software Programs

Computer software systems are all around us, and we use them a lot. We use them a lot in our personal lives. For example, Facebook […]

Writing True/False, Matching, Drag and Drop, and Short-Answer Questions for Workforce Training Tests

Recently we’ve written a series of articles about writing effective test questions for workforce training assessment. We hope you’ve found the series interesting and helpful. […]

Comic Books and eLearning: Ever Noticed the Connections?

Comic books, the movies that they spawned, and graphic novels are a massive part of the American cultural scene these days. For example, adults now […]

Comic Books and eLearning: Lessons from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art”

In an earlier blog post, we took a quick introductory look at some connections between comic books and eLearning. And in that article, we promised to […]

Writing Better Tests for Job Training: The Issues of Reliability and Validity

  It’s often, if not always, a good idea to provide some form of test or assessment after providing job training to employees. In some […]

Training that Workers Will Remember: Six Sticky Tips from ‘Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” by Chip & Dan Heath

Want some easy tips to follow to make employees more likely to remember and apply your training? Although inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping […]

Workforce Tests That Match Your Learning Objectives: The Issue of Fidelity

  A lot of you write test questions for online training (or even for paper-based training). Maybe you’re doing it with an e-learning authoring tool, […]