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eLearning Courses for Online Safety Training

Online safety training can come in many forms. For example, it may mean watching a one-time, “live” webinar or a recorded, on-demand version of that […]

The 70/20/10 Model for Workforce L&D: How Your LMS Can Support On-Demand Learning & Performance Support

Have you heard of the 70/20/10 model as it’s used in workforce learning & development? Quite a few of you probably have–it’s a buzzword in […]

The Paper Manufacturer’s Guide to Online Training

If you’re a pulp, paper, tissue, or corrugated manufacturer, and if you’re interested in learning more about online training solutions, well then look no further, […]

How to Write Better Smile Sheets: What’s Wrong With Traditional Training Evaluation Forms and How to Make Them Better

If you’re in training, you’re probably familiar with the sheets that trainers pass out to learners after a training session, asking the learners to evaluate […]

Helping Workers Acquire Basic Job Skills and Perform Standard Procedures

In every job, there’s a set of basic skills and simple procedures that a worker filling that job has to learn to perform. For an […]

How to Create Your Own Safety Training e-Learning Course-Recorded Webinar

Ever wish you could create your own EHS e-learning course that fits your particular training needs and is based on your own site-specific information? You […]

How to Write Multiple-Choice Questions for Workforce Training

A lot of you write test questions for online training (or even for paper-based training). Maybe you’re doing it with an e-learning authoring tool, such […]

Training that Helps Employees Learn Basic Job Knowledge

As a producer of learning management systems (LMSs) that are designed to let you to use a variety of different training delivery methods in a […]

Tracking Training-Related EHS Leading Indicators

In a recent article on EHS leading indicators, we touched on the topic of training-related EHS leading indicators. Meaning, stuff related to EHS training that […]

10 Key Benefits of Online EHS Training

We believe the best way to provide EHS training to your workers is to use a blended learning solution, mixing and matching the different types […]

Blended Learning for Manufacturing Training

You can’t train a manufacturing workforce using just one “type” of training–just field-based OJT, just written materials, just instructor-led classroom-style training, just e-learning, etc. Well, […]

Using Scenario-based Learning for Manufacturing Training

<!--NOTE ABOUT OUR DESIRED THUMBNAIL IMAGE This is an article about Scenario-based learning. That means putting someone in a "work-like" situation or scenario and having them […]