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Our philosophy is to deliver innovative, creative content using our unique combination of practical and pragmatic business performance consulting. Our eLearning frameworks are designed to transform information into highly engaging and interactive learning content that enables learners to apply best practices to the world in which they work every day.

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Why Each Member of Every Organization Needs Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment has been dominating headlines lately, bringing light to many situations involving celebrities and executives. But the revelations about inappropriate behavior are causing many […]

5 Best Practices for Localization of Training

Quality localization of training often proves difficult for global companies. Yet as globalization continues and companies expand across countries, languages and cultures, its importance cannot […]

3 Tips for Designing Effective Virtual Instructor Led Training

Creating an effective Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is not as simple as broadcasting a standard, classroom-style or Instructor Led Training (ILT) lecture. There is […]

The Many Benefits of Incorporating VILT into Your L&D Program

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is a tool that bridges traditional classroom training and online learning. Organizations have historically struggled to scale instructor-led training for […]

How Did I Not See This Coming? A New Manager’s Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster

Being a first time manager is a tough job. More than half of new managers fail in their first year, which in turn drives down […]

CoreAxis Named One of the 50 Smartest Companies by The Silicon Review

We’re thrilled to announce that CoreAxis Consulting has been named one of the 50 Smartest Companies of 2017 by The Silicon Review! This recognition is […]

Are You Missing the Mark When It Comes to Employee Orientation?

Recruiting and hiring the right talent is a process most organizations spend valuable resources on. Where many fall short though, is in the process completed […]

Making eLearning More Accessible to Everyone

This guest post was written by Jackie Edwards. Now working as a writer, Jackie started her career in IT and software development, but after becoming a […]

The Art of Constructive Feedback: 5 Steps to Making it Count

Employees aren’t able to course correct when they can’t see their own mistakes. And though it may not be a pleasant part of a manager’s […]

How to Improve the Performance Management Process with Design Thinking

Traditional performance management solutions have typically been formal programs and annual review processes designed with an organization’s goals in mind. But they’re failing us. In […]

Why Storytelling is a Powerful Tool for Recruiters

The simplest of stories can elicit emotion in all of us. Take Tom’s shoes for example, their brand exploded onto the market and continues to […]

4 Steps to Improve Engagement and Talent Retention Through Career Development

Very few U.S. employees report being highly engaged and satisfied at their jobs. This fact has left business leaders in every industry scrambling to figure […]