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Tips and tricks about how to make your e-learning videos more effective and engaging with interactive video.

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The 4 Most Common Myths and Misconceptions of Interactive Video

Interactive Video Example Myths and misconceptions are the biggest deterrent as to why businesses are missing out on Interactive Video. But how real are these […]

Getting Started with Interactive Video – 5 Successful Tips

We hear all the time from folks who want to cash in on the value of interactive videos, but don’t know where to start.Here are […]

Getting customer feedback on your videos doesn’t have to be hard

Getting customer feedback on your videos has proven difficult and unreliable. So how do you quantify viewer satisfaction, while it doesn’t take your viewers away […]

When planning a video here’s a helpful video tip from slime mold

So when is it good to compare your video strategy to a slime mold? Nobody ever wants to be called “slimy”, but I propose we […]

Calculating Interactive Video ROI

Today, Brightcove and Demand Metric released a first-of-its kind Interactive Video Benchmarking Study. It’s filled with helpful, actionable research and reveals one surprising misconception – […]

How to Improve Video Engagement

Video engagement is a key metric when it comes to measuring video success. How many times have you read that the key to your video […]

How Pervasive is Interactive Video?

Interactive video may not be known by a majority of people, but in reality it is a lot more pervasive than folks realize. YouTube, the […]

HapYak Announces Portu as CEO

DECEMBER 01, 2015 HapYak Interactive Video announced today that Mark Portu will join the company as CEO. Portu is a veteran in the online video […]

Easy Branding for Videos using HapYak

A picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, videos are made up of frames of hundreds to thousands of pictures, thus exponentially increasing […]

Let Your Role Define Your Goal

Viral video. One video. Millions of views. So what? The average organization is sitting on hundreds of videos. These are videos that you create, with […]

62% Response Rate with Interactive Video

Build Better Lead Intelligence Using Interactive Video In this video we’re going to show you the amazing benefits of using interactive video inside an email […]

Your 3 Greatest Fears When it Comes to Interactive Video

We recently asked you what your greatest fears are when it comes to interactive video. Overwhelmingly here are the top three: I’m afraid no one […]