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When Teachers Still Say "I Don't Know about Computers"

Mid 2017 and I still hear educators publicly state how they don't know much about "computers" and so will not be able to carry out […]

Boosting Vocabulary

Words. I want words. Words to describe the spaces in between. The spaces of light, the spaces of dreams. Untouched, unspoken words. I want worlds […]

Asking Questions, Challenging Learning - A Resource for Educators

What is learning if not questioning? What is learning if not the provocation of questioning? The Learning Challenge with James Nottingham from Challenging Learning on […]

Storytelling - from Finland

In our digital world, there is, increasingly, much that I disagree with. In so many ways I watch (with horror at times) as humanity sleep […]

Storytelling for Teacher Training from Finland

Stories. The weave that binds communities together - communities which may be structured learning communities or others.  Stories. The tracing of a flow of identity […]

Free Professional Development for Teachers

If you had a life threatening illness, would you go to a medical doctor trained in 1817? If you were not feeling well, would you […]

Need Inspiration?

Summer.... and quotations abound across SM. InspiroBot  comes to alleviate the (possible) boredom of long, lazy days. Click on "generate", sit back and be prepared to […]

Reflecting on Feedback and Assessment

I have never been much of number person in terms of assessment and educational feedback. Obviously, when working in educational institutions and systems, one must […]

Collaboration, Cooperation, Integration

Collaboration, cooperation, integration. Valuable concepts in education and in social organisations where people need to work together to achieve goals. Neither new nor original, though […]

Editing Images and Image Sourcing

In a world of filtered perceptions, filtered realities, there is always a need to have image editors to play around with and experiment. Here are […]

Call the Presenter! Call the Presenter!

Just as there are all kinds of performances, there are different kinds of presentations, each with their end purpose and style. Let's consider these as […]

Listening for ELT and Learner Autonomy

One of the challenges that many ELT students face, is listening. When it comes to international exams such as the IELTS, they struggle in keeping […]