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What we gain by going remote first

It’s clear that working remotely is becoming more and more the norm. Mobile devices, centralized data, and all kinds of apps and software are helping […]

The Challenge of Career Management

For the workforce, an updated CV or résumé is like a valid passport. It allows them to come and go wherever and whenever they want […]

Digital (Learning) Readiness: A Call for L&D Action

Digitization is seriously challenging today’s business world and the way we live, work and relate to one another. The pace of technological change is accelerating […]

Learning is an emotional process

For the last 30 years, experts have been opening our eyes to the role emotions play in learning. We cannot merely consider learner’s cognitive needs […]

Engaging and motivating each learner

Following our last article on the need for training to create value, we would now like to present another of the seven key principles that […]

6 Tips for making your LMS project more learner-focused

Before launching an LMS project, you need to define a rollout strategy. To get the best ROI possible, this strategy has to stay learner-focused. However, […]

From Connecting to Progressing: The power of Connectional Intelligence

“Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.” – Nancy Pearcey […]

Corporate Universities: The journey

Deciding to set up a Corporate University can be like embarking on a journey over unfamiliar seas: it helps to know your exact  point of […]

Disruptions ahead: 9 HR Technology trends reinventing the HR software Market

The Human Relations (HR) Software Market is entering one of the most disruptive years it has seen in more than a decade. Companies now understand […]

Transform  your way of thinking: Tap into different generations and reverse mentoring!

The talent within our organizations can be hard to maintain. People and their skills remain within our organization for a short time. In order to […]

How do we measure value creation from training? Part 2

In a previous article we looked at the five levels of impact in any exhaustive training evaluation process that reflect the key challenges involved in […]

Discover the “smart learning” approach

We now have the means to make training really “smart” (not that it was stupid before!) Training professionals would be wrong to sneer at “smart […]