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This blog is for anyone who enjoys learning and aspires to be more! Discover "re-inventful" learning with cudoo blog content and unravel cultural tips from around the world. From top tips on how to learn a language to tasty snippets of soft skills for success, the blog is aimed a quick micros of knowledge to be more and do more.

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How to Say Thank You to Amazing Mothers Around the World!

Saying 'thank you' is a universal gesture of appreciation and expression of our gratitude to the people in our lives who have made us everything […]

5 Tips on French Business Etiquette

Whether it’s a simple handshake or an important business lunch, these 5 tips on French business etiquette can be the difference between landing an important […]

10 Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China and is celebrated by Chinese people all over the world. Here are 10 interesting facts […]

70 New Indian Words Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Words such as 'gulab jamun', 'vada' and 'keema', which are part of the staple diet in many parts of India can now be found in […]

Top 25 English Words & Phrases

Here is a list of 25 common English words and phrases which are used daily by English speakers across the world! You are likely to […]

Top Buzzwords You're Likely To See Trending On Social Media This Year

Millenials are so quick to invent and re-invent words on social media that it may seem impossible to keep up. So if you have just […]

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

According to statistics, 41% of Americans keep New Year's resolutions every year, that only 9% actually manage to achieve with some success.

10 English Words That Are Borrowed From Japanese

We often assume that languages are unique and different from each other, and this (false) assumption leads to our fear of learning new languages. We […]

Idioms Are Just a Piece of Cake!

You must be wondering what exactly I am talking about here. Many questions arise in your mind such as, ‘Are idioms a type of cake? […]

Top Foreign Languages to Learn in 2018

Learning a language has been a popular new year resolution for many years, and has consistently featured as one of the top 10 resolutions of […]

Top Countries to Visit in 2018

The year 2017 is soon going to end and as we set ourselves to welcome the new year (2018), with fireworks, parties and celebrations, here […]

Trick or Treat? Try Our Halloween Quiz and Test Your Knowledge of Languages

Halloween is all about trick or treat, the gruesome and the sugary sweet! Check out our quiz about fascinating language facts, and decide whether these 13 […]