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Digital Bodies covers developments in Virtual Reality, Wearables and their impact on Media and Education. Wearable devices and immersive experiences through VR are the next revolution in technology, an era that will transform how we communicate, learn, understand the world and ourselves. Wearables will become an extension of our natural and creative selves as we venture into new frontiers of storytelling, entertainment, learning and professional development. Join us as we explore how the human becomes digital and the digital becomes human. This year we were honored to be listed in the Top Ten of EdTech's list of 50 Must Read Higher Ed Blogs.

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Oculus Dash – Can VR Replace Your Desktop?

Digital Bodies: One of the major announcements from the Oculus Connect 4 conference was the new Oculus Dash interface. Dash comes from a complete rewrite […]

Live-stream of Oculus Connect VR Event

Digital Bodies: Here are the keynotes from Facebook’s Oculus Connect 4 conference. A number of major developments in VR were announced on Wednesday including the […]

At Oculus Connect – Facebook Makes The Case for VR

Digital Bodies: At the annual Oculus Connect OC4 conference today, Mark Zuckerberg made the case for VR as the next computing platform for work, play, […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Awkward Social VR Experience in Puerto Rico

Digital Bodies: Mashable tears into Mark Zuckerberg for his awkward social VR experience in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. The experience reveals how far we have to […]

Theater VR lets you play Hamlet in Virtual Reality

Digital Bodies: Theater VR is a fascinating multi-player platform that lets you tap into your inner actor. If VR makes you the character in a […]

AltSpaceVR Acquired by its Secret Partner Microsoft

Digital Bodies: We’ve been fans of AltSpaceVR, the scrappy social VR platform, ever since it appeared. It almost closed this summer (a very sad good-bye) […]

The New Google VR Headset – New Colors, Better Lenses

Digital Bodies: The new Google VR headset appeared today along with new Pixel phones and Google Home devices. Google’s Daydream View headset arrived in November […]

Are Magic Leap’s AR Glasses Ready for Launch?

Digital Bodies: Are Magic Leap’s AR Glasses finally getting ready to launch? We’ve been down this road before – excited over the product rumors and […]

Dreamscape Immersive VR: Hollywood’s Bet on Virtual Reality

Digital Bodies: The Spielberg-backed start-up Dreamscape Immersive VR has arrived in Hollywood flush with partnerships, big-name figures and massive funding ($20 million in cash). Partnering with AMC Entertainment, the world’s largest theater chain, we’ll […]

360° Immersive Experience – Celebrating Female Scientists

Digital Bodies: Here’s the 360° immersive experience of “Unseen Stars”, GE’s light show at Grand Central Terminal in New York celebrating the achievements of female […]

Here Comes Pimax – The World’s First 8K VR Headset

Digital Bodies: Ready for an 8K VR Headset? The much-hyped Pimax project arrived on Kickstarter two days ago. It’s a VR headset that blows away anything you’ve […]

Google Earth VR Now Includes Google Street View

Digital Bodies: We consider Google Earth VR one of the must-have virtual reality apps. From its introduction in 2016, Google Earth VR has offered new […]