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In this blog we share news about Docebo and the E-Learning Market through infographics, market researches and quotes from top influencers of this segment. We are particularly interested in SaaS and LMSs.

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[Webinar] Measure & Conquer Skill Gaps for Better Learning Outcomes

  Defeat Skill Gaps and Drive Results Sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know. What we mean by this is that is that it […]

The Sooner Your LMS Users are Engaged, the Better eLearning User Adoption Will Be

User Adoption is the Weakest Link in the eLearning Chain. Do Better By Giving Learners What they Need So, you’ve implemented your learning management system […]

[Webinar] Improving Engagement and Satisfaction in a New Learning Technology Era

  Is your business equipped to deal with the changing nature of the learning technology landscape The learning technology landscape has changed. With a variety […]

Docebo 7.3 LMS Update Released

Explore key features and improvements that are now available in your Docebo LMS platform We are pleased to announce the release of Docebo 7.3. Here […]

[WEBINAR] Measuring Metrics that Matter

  Most organizations don’t measure the right L&D metrics. Are you among them? Recent developments in learning technology have unlocked access to information and made […]

Docebo SaaS vs Open Source

Wondering which is the best option for you? Both, SaaS and open source LMSs are two learning management systems with very long histories. Over the […]

The Role of Instructor-Led Training in an eLearning World

As technology-supported L&D continues to evolve, what role does ILT play in the eLearning landscape? As a thriving eLearning software company, Docebo is passionate about […]

Think Like a Consultant to buy a Learning Platform Like a Pro

Put on your consultant hat to make smarter LMS buying decisions Ever heard the joke that you give a consultant your watch so they can […]

Making the LMS Business Case for Management Consulting

Management consulting firms are tasked with helping their clients transform their businesses – but how can they do the same for themselves? In recent years, […]

Learning & Development for Media and Entertainment Industry

Canadian motion picture giant came to us for help with employee career progression & top talent retention A Canadian giant in the media and entertainment […]

Optimizing Onboarding: Making the Most of Season Hiring

From retail to hospitality, seasonal employment presents a challenge from a training perspective.  The retail and hospitality industry is one of the most robust in […]

5 Best Practices for Increasing LMS User Adoption

More than 50% of L&D professionals cite poor UX among the biggest barriers to learning technology satisfaction As with any enterprise software product, the level […]