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Dr. J writes a weekly blog to inspire and inform your work as an educator, trainer, or teacher; and also create a positive mindset about your career. Adult education, distance learning, online teaching, higher education, and career development are some of the topics you can read about on this informative blog.

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Can You Choose a Hobby and Transform Your Well-Being? (You Can)

Would you be surprised to know that a hobby could help you tap into your unlimited potential? Yes, everyone should have a hobby, especially those […]

An Exemplary Online Instructor Who Inspires Students is Available to Teach

Dr. J's Mission: Teach, Write, and Inspire Others as an academic educator, leader, author, writer, and mentor. Academic Leader: Chief Academic Officer, Dean, Dissertation Mentor […]

Have You Discovered Your Power to Uplift and Inspire Students?

Do you want to teach your students, or would you like to use the power of teaching to also inspire and uplift your students? Many […]

Learn Why Critical Thinking is Critical for Education

Critical thinking is a phrase which has become widely used in the field of education, and it is a skill which students are told they […]

If You've Tried and Failed in Your Career, What's Next?

Whenever you fail, try, try again, or so the saying goes. There has been a great deal written about failure within self-development articles, and the […]

Can a Job with Repetitive Tasks Be Rewarding?

How do you feel when you start a new job? Are you excited, anxious, eager to learn, or a combination of all three of these […]

Do You Want To Be Someone Students Look Up To?

When you are actively involved in the classroom and working with your adult students, classroom management and what you need to teach are the order […]

What Inspires You to Teach?

You may remember how you got started as an instructor, but do you recall what inspires you to continue teaching? The instructional duties of an […]

How Can You Put Heart and Soul Into Teaching Adults?

Teaching students can be a transformative experience, for educators and students alike, when both immerse themselves in the learning experience through the exchange of ideas […]

Will a Doctorate Degree Provide Long-Term Career Benefits?

Completing a doctorate degree is a significant accomplishment. This achievement represents the culmination of hard work, extensive critical thinking and research about the chosen field […]

The Self-Titled Expert is On The Rise: Can Anyone Be a SME?

There is an interesting trend occurring, one which is becoming prominent because of career-related websites such as LinkedIn, and it is the increase in the […]

How Will This Alarming Recruitment Issue Be Fixed?

There is a trend occurring in the field of human resources, more specifically the field of talent acquisition, and I am not the only one […]