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Dr. J writes a weekly blog to inspire and inform your work as an educator, trainer, or teacher; and also create a positive mindset about your career. Adult education, distance learning, online teaching, higher education, and career development are some of the topics you can read about on this informative blog.

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What Does It Mean for Students to Look Up to You?

What are your goals as an educator, teacher, and mentor to your students? Do you have a clearly defined mission statement now, one which guides […]

Should You Accept a Job Offer, Even if It Doesn't Advance Your Career?

Are you willing to take a job just because you need it and you believe it will become something more in the future? Or do […]

Are You Thinking About Building a Successful Long-Term Career?

What's more important for your long-term career goals? Do you want to find a job and accept whatever comes along, or do you want to […]

Discover How to Transform Your Communication in the Workplace

How do you react when a co-worker disagrees with you? How do you address a lengthy email with a long list of unrealistic demands? How […]

How Do You Help a Student Who Seems to Have Given Up?

Do you ever feel like you want to give up on a student, especially when a student seems to give up or no longer cares […]

When Life Feels Like an Uphill Battle, Here's What to Do to Stay Strong

How do you respond to challenges that make your life or your career feel like an uphill battle? Do you have the emotional strength and […]

The Best of Dr. J's Inspirational Quotes November 2017

‚ú® Dr. J is excited to announce a brand new collection: The Best of Dr. J's Inspirational Quotes November 2017. This resource is now available […]

How Do You Help a Student Who Feels Hopeless?

The start of a new class always carries with it a sense of hope for students and their instructor. This is a time when students […]

Do You Know How to Write a Teaching Philosophy Statement?

What would you say about yourself if you were asked to explain your teaching philosophy as an educator? You may be surprised with the number […]

Here's How to Respond to an Automated Human Resources Email

"Though Your Qualifications are Impressive‚Ķ" This is an example of standard wording being used by humans in the human resources field, along with non-human automated […]

Is This the End of Competency Based Education? The WGU Shell Game

The moment of truth is upon the field of higher education now as to competency-based education, with the results of a long-term audit having been […]

Can You Choose a Hobby and Transform Your Well-Being? (You Can)

Would you be surprised to know that a hobby could help you tap into your unlimited potential? Yes, everyone should have a hobby, especially those […]