This blog is run by an experienced instructional design consultant, Harish Bhagavathula. The aim of this blog is to share his knowledge & experiences and also to express his views on the latest happenings in instructional design. He has a special interest towards Gamification and Game-based Learning which will be reflected in his articles most of the time. Through his blog, he aims to share practical ideas to develop effective and engaging learning programs.

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Learning from Games – Games Beyond Stereotypes #02 Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Hi there! In his best-selling learning book “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction”, Professor Karl M. Kapp discusses the 12 game elements that make a game […]

Learning From Games – Games Beyond Stereotypes #01Firewatch

I still remember the first time the concept of game-based learning was introduced to our learning design team at the office. Some of them were […]

Too Many Quotes, Too Little Work — A Cheat Sheet for Working with Freelancers

How many times have you received an “I’m currently occupied” response when you got back to hire that freelancer from your previous project? Let me […]

Does Instructional Design Still Mean the Same in 2017?

One night last week, I was super hungry and wanted to taste the new burger pizza from Dominos. I’ve added to the cart a burger […]

Forget VR & AR, this could be the next big thing in E-learning

Technology is evolving rapidly. The major focus of this evolution is to make things easier for the users and make their life more comfortable. Who […]

Lessons From Games: Stop stepping into the learner’s shoes, let them step in

This morning at 5, one of my friends called me over phone. He started shouting “Bastion received a buff and Ana is nerfed, let’s play”. […]

Don’t get caught for bad Instructional Design. It’s Embarrassing!!

Learning events are meant to empower the audience by imparting a change that’s good for them. Did you notice that in almost every live learning […]

Is Gamification just another Instructional Designer’s hat?

Very recently, a job seeker asked me about the qualification required to attain a job in my domain (as an Instructional Designer). I still remember […]

Learning Design for the Netflix Generation: How about a learning series for a change?

This morning, when I signed into my Facebook account, I found that my wall was filled with a lot of updates on the season finale […]

We live life in First Person, then why a Third Person E-learning for our Learners?

Have you heard the term FPS anytime? No? Do you remember that game your kid keeps playing where you’ll only see two hands holding a […]

Gamification doesn’t mean developing games and there’s more!

Gamification has been frequently talked about as one of the most happening trends in Learning and Development chapter. Research says that Gamification can help teach […]

Does your new E-learning character know his roles and responsibilities?

It is a common practice to use characters/avatars in E-learning courses. But how do we evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy? Can these characters substitute a […]