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Providing insights and news on the eLearning industry, the ej4 Blog is a useful resource for learners and administrators alike. From leadership and communication to compliance and safety tips, the ej4 Blog is a one-stop-shop for all the information you need.

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The Cost of an Ineffective Training Program

According to a study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), the average cost of losing an employee is six months of their base […]

7 Steps for Developing High-Potential Employees

High-performing employees are the backbone of any organization. The old saying is true: Roughly 80 percent of the growth of any organization is achieved by […]

The Secret to Managing Enterprise Accounts

Today, selling requires more than charisma and a handful of closing techniques. Customers are coming armed with more information, and are constantly on guard against […]

Squeezing More Out of Sales With Three Simple Words

If you’re a salesperson, your customers will always be asking you for “stuff.” Maybe they want a new feature, or better delivery time, or a […]

6 Tips for Identifying Potential High-Performance Employees

All organizations want to identify, develop, and deploy their high-performance employees. And no wonder: The top 5% of a company’s employees account for a full […]

The Complex Levels of Content Curation and Vetting

In training and development, content is important. But finding (or creating) quality content is only the first step in the process of building a training […]

Unleashing Creativity to Boost Performance and Engagement

This is a story about finding creativity in something that normally does not come across as imaginative nor inventive: templates. The story starts almost 20 […]

Not All Micro-Learning is Created Equal

Einstein once said that any idea “should be as simple as possible—and no more.” He realized that simplicity was a good thing, but like any […]

Why Performance Reviews Call for Formal Feedback

Employee feedback is a widely recognized way for managers to develop their direct reports, and no event provides a better opportunity for candid feedback than […]

How to Communicate With Any Personality Type

Everyone exists somewhere on the continuum from introvert to extrovert. That’s a good thing because both the quiet, introspective introvert and the outgoing, assertive extrovert […]

Is Your Training Medieval? Make It Modern with Social Learning

Every few decades, there is a shift in the ways in which people get their information. Printing presses made leaflets and newsletters easy to produce. […]

Practical Tools to Enhance Training Reinforcement

There’s an old saying that says, “Knowing is half the battle.” That’s true, and a good reminder of the importance of learning. Still, it leaves one […]

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