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6 Ways SEO Marketing Can Bring New Business To Your LMS Company

The benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have been clearly proven over the years. But can it really work for educational platforms and Learning Management […]

A Case Study On Evaluating An eLearning Course

Evaluating the content and design of your course with direct input from your audience is a hallmark of user-centered design. It can greatly improve the […]

6 Tips For Developing The Most Effective Corporate Sales Training Program

When developing your annual training plan, it's easy to lump sales into your wider net of corporate training. But, doing so can be a recipe […]

3 Tips To Create Less Monotonous, More Engaging eLearning

It is one thing to get information across and another to actually ensure that learners adequately engage with your content in a manner that assures […]

Flipped Classrooms: Why And How To Flip Education?

Why schools should use flipped classrooms by default and how you can flip your class and offer a more personalized experience of learning. This post […]

Free eBook: Learning Management Systems To Take Airline Training Programs To The Next Level

Along with growth come challenges; that is usually the case, and it surely stands for training in the Aviation Industry. The digitization and the increase […]

7 Examples On Scenario-Based Learning For Formal And Informal Learning

Scenario-based learning is used extensively as a learner strategy in online learning. In this article, I will show you how you can use scenario-based learning […]

5 Steps To Building Stronger Employees: Create A Training Program That Works

Whether you want to expand your employees’ knowledge of new products or keep them updated on the latest customer service trends, offering accessible training will […]

Augmented Reality In Aviation: Changing The Face Of The Sector Through Training And Simulated Experience

The successful adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) has come a long way the past few years, particularly as the global economy has grappled and the […]

Optimize Your Sales Team Training With These 5 Tips

Is your sales strategy failing you? Are your sales agents on the same page? An effective sales training program, especially one that embraces online training, […]

Free eBook - Having The Right Stuff Right Now: Performance Support For The Way We Work And Learn Today

Imagine a world of work where you get the information you need right when you need it. Imagine support that allows you not to just […]

4 Ways To Make Your eLearning Social

Many organizations have introduced social learning platforms in order to better engage employees across departments and management levels. Here are 4 ideas to weave social […]