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Five Surprising and Innovative Uses of eLearning in 2017

By all accounts, 2017 has been a year unlike any other in recent memory. And we're not talking about troubling politics--both domestic and international--or social […]

Woz U Has Made Some Big Promises. Can It Deliver?

Woz U is taking the Amazon model to tech education: employ a large framework to reach tech students in any way possible. Other MOOC providers, […]

eLearning in Higher Education: 2017 Top Stories

The past year has seen eLearning grow in leaps and bounds, especially in higher education. From surprising mergers between private online companies and public universities […]

Virtual High Schools: 2017 Top Stories

Virtual high schools certainly made headlines in 2017. From coming to the rescue of thousands of displaced students following this fall’s hurricanes to creating new […]

Promoting Equity by Design

The nation’s education system has historically been structured by gross educational inequities and in 2017, many of these problems persist. Students from poor families still […]

Codeacademy Report Provides A Glimpse into the Demographics of People Learning to Code

Of the respondents, a majority did not intend to use the knowledge gleaned from their programs to develop software. A full 60% will apply their […]

How Georgia Tech is Bringing Prestige to Online Graduate Degrees

A key challenge faced by online programs has been their perceived prestige. Indeed, in some professions lingering concerns about online degrees being subpar, continues to […]

This Week in eLearning: Instructure, a Rugby Coaching LMS, and a Preschool Initiative in the Bahamas

  Instructure Acquires Video-based Learning Platform Instructure, Inc. recently announced that it has acquired Practice, an applied video microlearning solution. The acquisition suggests that moving […]

Meet the App that Connects Students with Advisers

On Tuesday, Salesforce.org announced a new app that aims to better connect university students with advisers. The non-profit arm of Salesforce has been piloting Salesforce […]

Should Educators Let Machines Make More Decisions?

Big data is rapidly transforming K-12 education and higher education, but not without a certain degree of resistance and skepticism.  After all, for most educators […]

Five Takeaways from the Latest Getting Smart Report on AI

Compared to other industries where advanced deep learning algorithms operate to perform numerous tasks, education has yet to implement AI to the same degree. There […]

How to Find the Right Voice for Your eLearning Program

For anyone who develops anything in the way of eLearning, there are several unexpected challenges to be faced. If you expect to have some kind […]