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MOOCs Are Dead?

MOOCs didn’t turn out to be silver bullets (and neither have for-profit spin offs), but there’s also good reason to welcome new analogues. The post […]

Malala Fund Will Promote eLearning for Girls

The story of Malala Yousafzai, or simply Malala, is well known. Now a first-year student at Oxford University and a recent Nobel Prize winner, Malala was […]

Educating with VR Is Still Pricey, But Costs Are Dropping

Most schools and institutions are still a long way off from effectively implementing VR-based education and training modules. And the challenge, in most cases, is […]

Expanded Curricular Freedom Enhances Learning at Stanford OHS

Part 2 of a Three-Part Series on Stanford Online High School In most K-12 schools, curricular decisions are shaped by many factors, including local, state […]

The Shaw Academy, an Irish Challenger to Silicon MOOCs, Is Over Halfway to their Crowdfunding Goal

Since MOOCs first exploded in 2011-2012, they have mostly centered around Silicon Valley. There is little indication that will change any time soon. But at […]

Own Your Learning: Don Weobong in Conversation with Sara Colvin

I read an article somewhere [which reported] that gold fish have a longer attention span than we do. That's really challenging as a learning and […]

Why Is Live Interactive Video Streaming So Rare Among MOOCs and LMSs?

According to eLearning expert Judith Boettcher, “we learn as social beings in a social context.” In other words, a lack of person-to-person contact doesn’t just […]

Microlearning Essentials: The What and Why

Understanding the what and why of microlearning essentials is necessary for eLearning professionals who are wondering if they should jump onto the microlearning bandwagon or […]

Education without Brick and Mortar: Stanford Online High School

There was once a perception that online high schools can't replace the “real thing” - namely, a quality face-to-face classroom experience. Stanford Online High School […]

Northeastern Now Recognizes IBM Digital Badges for Academic Credit

Northeastern is the first university to recognize IBM digital credentials toward graduate degrees and certificates. The post Northeastern Now Recognizes IBM Digital Badges for Academic […]

Sheikh Mohammed Unveils Ambitious Translation Project to Provide Free and Open Education Resources

This initiative comes as a huge win for education in an open internet. If support continues and the initiative succeeds, it will mark a rare […]

Becoming an Educational Technologist

Ever thought about becoming an Educational Technologist? What skills and techniques do you need to become effective within the role? The post Becoming an Educational […]