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Speed-learning function hits the eLearning market

  ...opening the doors for brain-optimisation in online training Listeners of podcasts and audiobooks have been known to use digital devices that can accelerate the […]

Safeguarding children in schools: statutory changes and online staff training

It's August (unless you're reading this in any other month of the year, in which case, "It was August!") which means that many educational institutions […]

"What do you understand by equal opportunities in the workplace?" Classic!

I was having a little chat with someone the other day about the recent pay-gap storm that erupted following a certain British broadcasting company revealing the […]

UK anti-money laundering measures in cheque (...sorry!)


Stop destroying your eLearning success!

It can be argued that if you or your team members are not satisfied with your eLearning management system, it's because of an over-reliance on […]

Creating a staff training strategy for successful eLearning

 You know what they say, "Look after your (team) and your (team) will look after you". Employees who feel unappreciated or unrewarded will likely seek […]

Fire safety training tips for better health and safety compliance

Whatever your business, it's not just a sufficient fire risk assessment that should be considered (which you must have done, by the way - regularly!), […]

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations a pain in the neck?

It seems that one of the most overlooked health and safety compliance regulations that slip through the gaping net of business negligence concerns the use […]

Help! My staff want to upskill: is it viable and can I afford it?

Research frequently shows that offering the opportunity for access to training and upskill courses within a company can improve productivity and motivation amongst employees, and it's […]

Looking for the 'L' word at work: Legionella awareness of course!

When you’re at home or at work, onshore or offshore, washing your hands, taking a shower after a lunch time session at the gym or […]

NEW Mobile ready IATP audited Asbestos Awareness course

Asbestos Asbestos is so dangerous that there is no safe minimum threshold for exposure to it and yet it’s prevalent in commercial and domestic buildings […]

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