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15 TOEIC Tips and Tricks to Improve your Score

Do you want to improve your TOEIC Score? These 10 tips and trick might be what you need The post 15 TOEIC Tips and Tricks […]

Gold: Likes and Dislikes Worksheet

Lesson Plan: Likes and Dislikes Worksheet Introduce  the simple present using verbs such as enjoy, like, dislike, hate  and love. Provide some example of negative […]

Where Can I Get Free Images for My Education Projects?

You don't usually buy digital images and you don't have to if you check these amazing free stock photo sites. The post Where Can I […]

What’s a TOEIC Word List and How Can You Get One?

Do you know what a TOEIC Service List is? This list could impact your results. The post What’s a TOEIC Word List and How Can […]

10 Excellent Ways to Improve your Vocabulary

Sometimes it is hard to remember how not knowing many words in English feels like but one thing that I  do remember is that the […]

15 Best Education Podcasts to Listen to in 2018

Education Podcasts You might have heard about Education Podcast but what are podcasts? Podcast is radio on Demand, that means I can listen to that […]

The Best Free Cloud Apps for Teachers

Are you in Facebook groups? I am and one of the major problems teachers have is losing the data because some computer malfunction or because […]

How Not to Develop an English Accent

The Quest for an English Accent Once you know what you are supposed to know and your grammar and pronunciation is accurate, you start dreaming […]

Lesson Plan: How to Talk about Vacations

Learning How to Talk about Vacations is one of the most important topics in the English Classroom. Where did you go on your last vacation? […]

3 Affective Variables in Second Language Acquisition

Affective factors definitely play a role in second language acquisition, research has confirmed that a variety of affective variables relate to success in second language acquisition. […]

7 Best English Pronunciation Apps

Pronunciation Resources English Pronunciation is a way in which a word or language is spoken. Good English pronunciation is an essential part of good communication. If you don’t […]

12 Best Tips for Teaching Large Classes

Do you teach large classes? This article could be the solution to your problems. The post 12 Best Tips for Teaching Large Classes appeared first […]