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CELTA vs. Online TEFL - What You Need To Know

CELTA or an online TEFL course? It depends what you want. And it depends on who you ask. But if you ask me I can […]

Is Teaching English Abroad Fun?

Were you wondering if teaching abroad was fun? Well, at one time I wondered that too. I spent 6 years living and teaching English in […]

Can You Teach English Abroad Without TEFL Certification?

Is it possible to teach English abroad without a TEFL certificate? Yes, it is. However the requirements to teach English abroad are going to vary […]

Online TEFL Courses Vs. Onsite TEFL Courses

Not sure if you should take an online TEFL course or a onsite TEFL course? Fabulous! Then this article is for you. I have taken […]

Why Most Online TEFL Courses Are NOT Any Good

Some people like those on Reddit think online TEFL courses suck. Some say certificates from those online courses aren't worth the paper they are printed […]

A Review Of TEFL Express's Online Course

This is a review of TEFL Express's online TEFL course on Groupon. Although I have taken several courses I have not personally taken this course. […]

What are the answers to my online TEFL course?

The answers to your online TEFL course are in the course you are taking. While doing some research I found that quite a few searches […]

MyTEFL & ITTT TEFL Course Review

Are ITTT and MyTEFL legit? Well, it depends what you mean by legit, but I am going to share my observations and insights which might […]

ESLinsider's Comprehensive Online TEFL Course Handbook

This online TEFL course handbook is a comprehensive guide to teaching English as a foreign language. It was built from the same foundation as ESLinsider's […]

A Review Of International Open Academy's Online TESOL Course On Groupon

This is a review of the $5-8 online TESOL course on Groupon by International Open Academy (IOA).  You will find a collection of reviews here […]

A Review Of Uni-Prep's Online TESOL Course

Uni-prep institute provides TEFL and TESOL training courses as well as business and management courses. This will be a review of their course which will […]

A Review Of Accreditat The TEFL Course Accreditor

Accreditat is an independent accrediting body for TEFL and TESOL courses. Here you will find a review of their site and program. According to their […]