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Full Overview of ACCME Accreditation Process

As a CE manager, you’re well aware that the ACCME accreditation process will be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and perhaps quite nerve-wracking. What you might not know […]

How to Make Your CME Mobile Friendly (Accredited Courses)

For many learners, the ability to complete activities on multiple screens is a prerequisite for their choosing a CME program. However, creating a CME mobile […]

3 Ways to Stay on Top of the ACCME Reaccreditation Process

The reaccreditation process can be alternately taxing and rewarding for CE managers. You will need to present a thorough accounting of your CME program’s achievements, […]

Raja Venkata of EthosCE Named “Top LMS Demonstrator” by Talented Learning

We are very proud to announce that Raja Venkata, PMP, CHCP, Director of Client Services at EthosCE has been recognized by Talented Learning as the […]

How to Decrease Login Issues for Your Association Members

You’ll most likely find out that your login page is problematic for your members through a barrage of support calls, but you might also hear […]

Steps to Take After ACCME Provisional Accreditation

If your association has recently been awarded Provisional Accreditation by ACCME, then congratulations! Your award was based on your showing evidence of compliance with Accreditation […]

3 Tips for Preventing Account Issues for Med Association Members

For CME coordinators, preventing account issues for medical association members is much more than a remedy to an administrative nuisance. When coupled with a growing […]

ACCME Criteria for Accreditation: What You Need to Know

As a Director or Coordinator, you’re well aware that regardless of the quality and breadth of your CME programming, an inadequately prepared application—one that’s missing […]

UX Design Continuing Education: Enhancing the CME Learner Experience

Just like any other consumer, your CME learners are focused on value. In a world in which digitally savvy customers are used to logging in, […]

How to Format ACCME Accreditation Self Study Report

Creating the accreditation Self Study Report is one of the most important—and intimidating—components of the ACCME application process. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that […]

CE Enrollment Solutions: 3 Ways to Help Learners Easily Enroll in CE Courses

Ease-of-use is a key element of user satisfaction. It’s also an important part of your members’ perception of your interest in providing a high-quality CE […]

PARS Upload: What Hospitals and Associations Need to Know

If you’re a CE, you know that managing ACCME compliance when it comes to PARS is not for the faint of heart. With so many […]