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Designing Digitally, Inc. an award-winning full-service provider of interactive and engaging E-Learning programs, 3D Training Simulations, Virtual Worlds and Web design services, Designing Digitally, Inc. is dedicated to developing creative, end-to-end, digital design solutions for your company or organization. We work alongside your team to help overhaul, develop, and/or improve all aspects of your visual communication systems with appealing, professional, interactive designs. With over a decade of experience creating engaging interactive solutions, we develop your project efficiently and effectively from start to finish - all within a scheduled time period. We strive to provide your business with a prosperous return on investment by producing high quality interactive products while providing exceptional customer service.

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Things to Consider When Designing for the Mobile Learner

Around 1.2 billion people surf the Internet on their mobile devices. It is just a matter of time when your mobile device will be the […]

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The Gamification of Corporate Elearning

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What Corporations and Employees Gain From Simulated Training

Training simulations are great tools for imparting training to your employees. It is popular because it allows the learners to practice their skills in a […]

Industries The Benefit From Using VR For Employee Training

The military and aviation fields have already been recognized as some of the earliest users of virtual reality training. However, now they’re far from the […]

How Learning and Gamification Go Hand in Hand

If you have been working in corporate training or learning for the last decade, you understand the struggle of traditional learning opportunities or traditional settings […]

Seven questions to ask your e-learning solutions provider

Implementing an e-learning program can cost anywhere from $1K to $100K! It all depends on the content and the design chosen by the organization. Each […]

Why You Need Gamification Experts

When you’ve made the decision to introduce eLearning and gamification to your business, you might be stumped as to where to start. Should you continue […]

The Benefits of Using Virtual Reality for Corporate Training

Countless times, employee education has been notoriously boring and downright ineffective. The advent of eLearning – and now virtual reality (VR) training – has turned […]

Choosing the Best Design Style for Your eLearning Course

Effective eLearning courses rely on the combination of content and visual design. The learning activity won’t be successful if both components aren’t strong. For example, […]

Tips to Improve Your Mobile Learning Strategy

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly prevalent in a number of organizations to train employees. However, a mobile learning strategy is only successful if it remains […]