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Designing Digitally, Inc. an award-winning full-service provider of interactive and engaging E-Learning programs, 3D Training Simulations, Virtual Worlds and Web design services, Designing Digitally, Inc. is dedicated to developing creative, end-to-end, digital design solutions for your company or organization. We work alongside your team to help overhaul, develop, and/or improve all aspects of your visual communication systems with appealing, professional, interactive designs. With over a decade of experience creating engaging interactive solutions, we develop your project efficiently and effectively from start to finish - all within a scheduled time period. We strive to provide your business with a prosperous return on investment by producing high quality interactive products while providing exceptional customer service.

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5 Reasons Game-Based Learning Helps Businesses

Despite the growing use of game-based learning, there is still some misunderstanding about it. When an idea is misunderstood, it is often discounted as invalid […]

How Can Elearning SImulations Improve Sales Training

Practice makes perfect. This phrase can apply to any number of ventures, not the least of which is in the area of sales. At the […]

Overcoming the Corporate Challenges in Mobile Learning

Technavio predicts that by 2020, the market for corporate mobile learning solutions will record a CAGR of approximately 17%. But despite these predictions, mobile learning […]

7 Smart Ways to Design Successful Business Training Simulations

Simulations have been around for a long time. They were originally used in three main industries--the military, medicine, and aviation. These three have in common […]

Best Practices to Make Your Mobile Learning Work

The mobile learning market is growing substantially, and will continue to grow. But, there are design challenges that can be encountered along the way. There […]

Gamification Training Gets a Boost from Push Notifications

Mobile device users are no stranger to frequent notifications. From morning until night, phones and tablets are abuzz with alerts of one kind or another. […]

Elearning Developers Dig Deeper Into the Psychology of Learners

In the world of games, there is no one-size-fits-all. What one person finds fascinating and engaging can be viewed as pointless and boring to another. […]

Creating a Mobile Learning Strategy

Mobile device users are no stranger to frequent notifications. From morning until night, phones and tablets are abuzz with alerts of one kind or another. […]

Custom Business Simulations: What to Expect

When a decision has been made to use custom business simulations as part of an eLearning strategy, it’s time to ask  a few questions:

Games Across Mulitple Devices Considerations for an Elearning Developer

The types of technology that most people have at their fingertips today are vast. From smartphones to tablets, laptops, and desktops, Macs and PCs, there […]

Six Reasons to Choose Serious Games for Corporate Learning

6 Reasons to Choose Serious Games for Corporate Learning

eLearning Simulation Trends for Companies

While you are preparing for your next eLearning program launch, you’re likely seeking ways to make it different, better, and more engaging. Whether it’s the […]