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Lurking or Learnking?

lurk lÉ™rk/ verb gerund or present participle: lurking (of a person or animal) be or remain hidden so as to wait in ambush for someone or […]

An Open Letter to Faculty Who Do Not Participate in PD

     We are finishing up our carefully-crafted, collaborative, and offered-with-stipend Winter Quarter Professional Development options at my institution. Our theme for this year, "Intentional […]

The Secret to Increased Student Retention

There is a big push in our local community and technical college system to both increase retention and move more students towards degree completion.  This […]

Tweeting as Practice in Metacognition

My Twitter journey has been an intentional one.  I had never used Twitter at all when I signed up for a Canvas Network MOOC on […]

10 Days of Pokemon Go: One Educator's Perspective

There's something about summer that makes us feel whimsical.  As we don our sunglasses, feel the sun, and open car windows, our inner self starts […]

Teacher as Student

Summer is a time of re-energizing for many faculty. It is also a great time for some focused professional development without the constant stress of […]


          I am just finishing checking and collecting course outcomes for almost 500 courses at our college. That means over 2,000 outcomes, […]

Google Micro-lessons

I just opened google and saw an adorable scene of birds in trees and a birdwatcher looking at them. When I scrolled over the scene, […]

Inspired, not Driven

Data is BIG nowadays.  With so much information coming to us so much more easily than ever, we can make a million more connections than […]

Online Ed: 3 Ways to Save Time

There is a landslide of press on online teaching and learning....Who would have thought things could change so completely and dramatically? What. A. Revolution.  As […]


(If you understand this title reference AND are reading blogs like this, welcome to the club of "seasoned"online adventurers! Here we are, looking for the […]

Quality Matters Conference

This week I attended QM WORKS! Great Northwest Regional Conference in Vancouver, WA.  It was the first conference in our area - and had nearly […]