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Improve Your Social Learning With the GO1 Mid-October Update

Being able to improve the social aspect of learning is important for keeping your learners engaged and on the path for continuous sustained learning. We […]

What You Need to Know About eLearning Authoring Tools

Technology has revolutionized how we’re learning and how your business can delivery employee training today and in the future. Yet, while nobody argues how beneficial […]

Top eLearning Trends: Using Video in Online Courses

When it comes to eLearning trends, we’re seeing the use of video in online courses continue to rise. There’s no doubt about it. People love […]

Access 600+ Courses Instantly With GO1 Premium

Training your team has never been easier! Earlier this year we introduced GO1 Premium, containing 270 courses, but now we are excited to announce that […]

Emergency Training for Staff

Do you feel confident that your employees are up-to-date with emergency training? It’s really important that employers ensure staff know how to respond in the […]

Top 5 Most Popular LMS Tools

Do you want to get more out of your current Learning Management System? In today’s technological world, lots of businesses are reaping the rewards of […]

Why You Need to Conduct Exit Interviews When Employees Leave

Are you conducting exit interviews when employees leave your organisation? When people make the decision to move on from a company, it’s important to figure […]

How to Create Free Animations for Your Training

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys seminars or training where people just talk at you. Traditional forms of training are slowly being phased out of the […]

Blue Ocean Shift and Driving Nondisruptive Growth

The business world is already tough enough, without structuring your long-term plan around taking on some of the most saturated industries. So why not target those so-called […]

How to Add Documents, Interactive Files and Assignments to Courses

At GO1 we are great believers in facilitating learning with ease. To assist with creating a stellar learning experience, not only for learners but also […]

The eLearning Assist Episode 3: Creating and Configuring a Learning Portal From Scratch

We know that you want to learn more about how to get starting with setting up and configuring a learning portal, and we’re here to […]

Why You Need to Provide Training for Your Staff

Even though we all know how important it is to provide training for staff, some companies still fall behind when it comes to investing in […]