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We wage war on dull online learning! Learning doesn't have to be mind-numbingly boring - we make it fun with the use of gamification, social learning and informal learning. Our multi-award winning Academy Platform LMS is a gamified social learning portal that helps clients to create vibrant, engaged learning communities that transform organisational performance.

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Growth Engineering & Hard Rock International Win Brandon Hall Award

Here at GEHQ, we’ve been channelling our inner rock stars, clinking glasses of superhero soda (on-the-rocks!) and rocking all over the world in head-banging elation! […]

Creating Healthy Workplaces: Fit Body, Fit Mind?

Does workplace exercise really make us happier and more productive? We decided to find out with a pre-work workout, BodyCoach HIIT style! When did you […]

The Perfect White Label LMS: A 10-point Checklist

A fully customisable white label LMS is every training managers dream. This is because your brand is crucial to the success of your LMS. Your […]

Gamification: Experience Points on the Academy LMS

How do you create engaging online learning? Well, there’s a lot to be learned from computer games! Let’s take a look at one of the […]

Innovation at Work: My Summer Reading

This week, I explore why innovation is the key to business success and how we can nurture innovative teams. Where would we be without the […]

Gamification: Levels on the Academy LMS

In the world of gaming, ‘leveling-up’ is that sweet reward for hours spent connecting jewels, defeating dragons or building a virtual empire! Yet, we don’t […]

Craig Weiss: “Growth Engineering Top in my NextGen Rankings”

This week, the Growth Engineering superheroes are in full celebration mode. Learning tech titan, Craig Weiss, has named our Academy LMS the best of the […]

Simple Ideas for Communicating Powerful Messages

This week, I share some of my top communication tips, to help your powerful messages go viral within your organisation! How we communicate with our […]

Gamification on the Academy LMS: The Basics

When did you last have fun learning something new? Maybe it was when you learned to drive, watched an inspiring Ted Talk or achieved a […]

Do your employees know the business mission? Here’s why they should

Last week I explored how to create a strong business mission statement. This week, I look at the benefits of communicating this important message throughout […]

A Strong Business Mission Statement: Identifying What you Stand For

All companies should be a force for positive change in the world! Here, I reveal how to communicate your own brand of awesomeness with a […]

Is it time to replace SCORM? A Look at Emerging Learning Technologies

Is it finally time for SCORM, the specification superstar of the noughties, to move over for modern learning technology? Here’s the case for making the […]