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HiHaHo is a startup company which develops interactive video software. Videos are the perfect medium for education, but often turn into a passive experience. With HiHaHo, you can insert questions, images, and more to involve your viewers. It can function as a learning booster but also allows for easy integration in trainings and curricula, both online and in the classroom. In our blog we aim to help visitors to implement video in learning. We especially provide all kind of information about implementing interactive video in eLearning.

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Hihaho receives certification for information security

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#1 interactive video platform on the Top Tools for Learning list by Jane Hart

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Help Jane Hart compile the Top Tools for Learning list!

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A Masterclass about Video Learning by Donald Clark

On Monday, May 9, 2022, hihaho teamed up with Xpertise to host a unique masterclass by Donald Clark on the impact of video on learning. […]

Interactive Video Platforms

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5 reasons to make your product videos interactive

Since interactive videos are not just a trend, but they proved their advantage when it comes to boosting your conversion rate. Many businesses already considered […]

A Champion’s Guide to interactive video types

27 types of interactive video Did you know there are a lot of different ways to use interactive video? In the table below some of […]

Customer Engagement Strategies for a Better Customer Retention

In this digital age, it’s not easy to stay competitive on the scene. Many companies innovate every day with their appealing advertisements to convince consumers […]

7 tips to improve social media engagement with interactive video

You’ve finished your masterpiece of an interactive video and now it’s time to share it with the world! Social media engagement is an essential part […]

Top 5 music videos that should have been interactive

Do you ever watch a music video and wish that you could interact with it? Or that you could change the storyline of the music […]

New feature bonanza! – January update

As you may have noticed on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, we have been putting out a lot of awesome new features recently! Whether they’re […]

Goviideo: Automotive innovation in the online video world

In early 2020, Spain was introduced to the magic of interactive video. Because that was when interactive video company Goviideo Interactive made its debut. They […]

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