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iSpring Solutions are experts in PowerPoint and pioneered PowerPoint-to-Flash/HTML5 conversion. iSpring eLearning software and authoring tools enhance PowerPoint with narration editor, quizzes, videos, characters and interactions. Our products are trusted by more than 40,000 users around the world, and our company was recognized by the Brandon Hall Group for Excellence in Technology in 2010 and 2013, receiving the Gold Award in the Rapid Authoring and Content Authoring categories.

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Lesson 6. Attention Please! Creating Interactive & Immersive Content

Michael Sheyahshe, an e-Learning expert, has reached the midpoint of his webinar series on How to create great e-Learning content… Read More

Lesson 2. SMEs, Stakeholders, Roles: Where You Fit Into All of It

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Lesson 5. Inquiring Minds: Creating Enhanced Learner Assessments

Tomorrow we’ll be hosting the next expert webinar with Michael Sheyahshe, “Enquiring Minds: Creating Enhanced Learner Assessments.” We will cover… Read More

10 Interactive Presentation Software: Grab and Hold an Audience’s Attention

Why do we make presentations? The purpose can be learning, promotion, or spreading great ideas. But let’s face it: in… Read More

Lesson 1. Quickstart: e-Learning Design and Content Roadmap

Michael Sheyahshe, an artist, author, developer, and technologist at alterNative Media, presents a whole series of 10 lessons on making… Read More

iSpring Learn: Set a pace for your learners with smart progress rules

A learning path is a great tool to structure your learning: once you’ve organized courses into a learning path, you… Read More

CNC Concepts, Inc.: “We have a single source for authoring and learning.”

CNC Concepts, Inc is one of the leading training suppliers for computer numerical control (CNC) in the industry. The company… Read More

Calendar in iSpring Learn: all training activities in a single tab

E-Learning isn’t the only ingredient that goes into a perfect training system. If you train employees online and also conduct… Read More

How Science Fiction Can Help Make Your e-Learning Better

Science fiction can be a really powerful source of ideas for your e-Learning. Joe Ganci, the president of eLearningJoe consulting… Read More

Announcing webinar series: How to create great e-Learning content from A to Z

We’re excited to announce an expert webinar series, “Great e-Learning content from A to Z”. At the webinars, Michael Sheyahshe,… Read More

Kapitec Software: “It’s just fun designing engaging e-Learning content with assessments with iSpring Suite”

Kapitec Software was founded in 2000 in Toulouse, France. The company focuses on providing their clients with high-end software tools… Read More

CIEL: With iSpring, we create e‑courses almost three times faster!

CIEL (Centre for Investment Education & Learning) is a learning solutions company focused on providing technical training for banks and… Read More