I'm on a mission to bring e-Learning to the next level. I'm passionate about learning, learning technology, innovation and change as a manager (CEO easygenerator) and blogger. My mission is to take e-Learning to the next level and make easygenerator the 'Next generation authoring platform'. I write about general eLearning developments, trends in learning and I will blog a lot on conferences I visit.

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Return on Investment or “ROI”: pie chart in the sky

There’s a Big Misconception out there about e-Learning, and its sell-by date has passed this long since. It is that the value of e-Learning can […]

The e-learning revolution is finally there

We are talking about fundamental changes in corporate e-Learning already for years. But I did not see a real fundamental change for a long time, but […]

How to support authors that have no experience?

Corporations are moving to ‘sustainable e-Learning development’. They are looking for new, more agile ways of creating e-Learning to meet the on-demand requirements from the […]

Net Promoter Score: How to engage with your users

Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to engage with our customers proved to be very useful for Easygenerator. In this post, I want to share […]

How to use the new 70:20:10 rule for knowledge sharing

I discovered a new rule for knowledge sharing, the 70:20:10 rule. In any given company 10% of the employees is willing to actively share their knowledge. […]

Easygenerator has made all the right choices

This week the Fosway group published her new 9-grid report about authoring tools. It is nice that Easygenerator is listed again, confirming our place between the […]

Why are most curators doing it wrong?

When you are curating content without a story you are not sharing your knowledge. You are sharing content. All curators do make a selection and share […]

Dyslexie font improves reading for people with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a big problem if you have it. Not being able to read normally is a big handicap. Dutch designer Christian Boer is a […]

How to make user generated learning work for you

My favourite e-Learning conference of the year is next week: Devlearn 2016. I will be there, and I will present together with Laura Payette about: “how […]

Sharing your knowledge: What’s in it for you?

You are an expert, so why should you share your knowledge with your co-workers or with the rest of the world. I will tell you in […]

What are the 5 most powerful didactical principles?

I’m looking for your input, what are the five most important didactical principles to apply when creating e-Learning? The reason I’m asking is that we […]

70:20:10 and user generated learning: no way!

I’m talking to learning managers each day about the 20 in 70:20:10; about knowledge sharing and about user generated learning that can facilitate this. I […]