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5 (Modernized) Benefits of Using eLearning

Its’s that time of the year when Santa’s list is created, guest lists are finalized, addresses checked, decorations assembled. Time of festivity and joy, and […]

How to Make Rapid eLearning Development Successful?

The term Rapid as we all know stands for speedy or swift and in eLearning it translates to quick eLearning development using authoring tools. However, […]

Custom eLearning Development: Cost VS Benefits

And so, we are back again with a Bond story (007 remember?). well just to jog your memory we mentioned about Bond’s custom suits in […]

How to Check Whether Your Organization Needs Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning this, mobile learning that. Most often, we come across articles, blogs, infographics and eBooks that boast about the benefits of mobile learning, about […]

How to Deliver An Effective Learner Experience In eLearning: Key Tips

We live in a connected world. While Amazon revolutionized the mode of shopping, Airbnb, Uber etc. have impacted accommodation and transport. But, one revolution that […]

The Equation of Great Instructional Design Strategy

A+B=C. Such a simple equation, Right! Translated to Learning and Development lexicon it would be something like content added to instructional design gives good eLearning. […]

Mobile Learning: Why Delivery Format Matters?

Well, Mobile Learning is not an alien concept, is it? The often discussed, contemplated, and even implemented learning model in the mobile world for the […]

Internet Of Things and the Transformation of eLearning

Internet of Things is something that created a Paradigm Shift in the ways things hitherto worked. Some even call it disruptive, well maybe. It did […]

Key Benefits of Custom eLearning Development

One thing about Bond movies that has always attracted me is the specifically designed gadgets, hidden cameras, the pen-guns, the multi-functional automobiles, and the bespoke […]

How to Create Effective eLearning Experience: Key Tips

‘Alohomora!’ Swing the wand and unlock the doors just like that. Things would be a bit crazy if that were to work. But a spell […]

How to Make eLearning Personalized: 4 Key Tips

So, you browse through the internet, run some quick searches, and then you see various advertisements or suggestions closely related to the topics searched forappear […]

Importance of Visuals In eLearning

Imagine Comics without images, videos with blank screens, or say textbooks with ‘just text’. Quite boring, right? A little bit of color, a few images, […]