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What Type of Learner are You?

There is much debate over learning styles. Some stick to the notion that learning styles are indeed a thing while others argue that it is […]

3 Things You Should Automate in Your Courses

Automation is all the rage today as it has proven to be an effective strategy when used correctly. But what exactly should be automated in […]

Creating a Custom Course List in LearnDash

Courses in LearnDash get put onto a ‘courses’ page automatically, but you do have another option. For LearnDash sites that only have a few courses […]

Simple Trick for Creating Effective Courses

When we create courses we do so in hopes of not only teaching, but in providing people with new skills or knowledge that they can […]

7 Online Tools for Learning Another Language

Language learning is big business that was at one time dominated by two or three big companies and universities, but times have changed! Today there […]

Opinion: Duolingo’s Biggest Downfall, and How to Fix It

Duolingo is one of the best examples of how to create an engaging learning program. However, it is lacking in one area. It is no […]

How to Use Wishlist Member with LearnDash

Wishlist Member is one of the original WordPress membership plugins. Here is how to use it with LearnDash. If you have been involved in WordPress […]

Why You Should Get Your Online Course Accredited

The online course space is getting quite crowded. Separate form the crowd by getting formal accreditation in your industry. When you are first creating and […]

The 3 Levels of Gamification (No One is Doing Number 3)

Gamfication has evolved into three distinct categories, and hardly anyone is implementing the third. It is no secret that gamifiation can help make your course […]

Why SCORM is More Popular than xAPI

Despite SCORM being quite a dated technology, it still dominates the e-learning market. However, I think this says more about xAPI/Tin Can API than it does SCORM. There […]

The State of Video in Education 2017

Video is one of the most popular methods used in online education. It is incredibly helpful when explaining and showing new concepts. One thing is […]

Care to Join Us at WordCamp Ann Arbor?

If you are using WordPress, LearnDash, or both then why not join us at WordCamp Ann Arbor? One thing is for sure: LearnDash wouldn’t exist […]