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This eLearning blog provides simple eLearning tips for Instructional Designers as well as a portfolio showcasing some of my more simple work (most of what I currently do is proprietary). I'm a Voiceover Artist, Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, and eternal optimist. I make complex things simple. My approach to eLearning is interactive, realistic, story-based content that allows learners to explore different ways of doing things with realistic results. My goal is to help the world make eLearning better.

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Posts by Learning Reinvented

Finding the RIGHT People

Hello fabulous folks! Here is a quick walk through of how to create a successful training experience by thinking through who to involve in the […]

Check Off Viewed Course Sections and Showcase Software Demos

Looking for a way to showcase a software simulation and/or check off areas as learners view them? Oh, you are?! Ok, read on… The idea: […]

Add Interactive Timelines to a Course

This post will show you how to add an interactive timeline to a course using TimeToast.com. Below is an example of what this looks like:  […]

Course Design Inspiration…Need some?

The Rapid eLearning Blog, by Tom Kuhlmann, is about Infographics today. This got me to thinking about where I go for course design inspiration. Sometimes […]

Bring your Whiteboard Storyline Slide to Life!

I’ve been a beta tester of Articulate’s new product, Storyline, for months. I find it to be an incredible product and while I enjoyed the […]

Spice Up your eLearning Course Intros!

Looking for a way to spice up your eLearning course introduction? This post exists to get you thinking about some different ways to do just […]

Use QR Codes to Bring Training Anywhere

Scenario 1: I’m a machine operator at Mechanical International. I recently took some training on a new tool that I will be using today. Now, […]

Interactive Illustrations

Have you seen the Tin Can Cartoon by Float Mobile Learning? I think it’s a very creative way to display information and clean up slides. A […]

Project Kickoff Questions

Happy Friday! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. But, maybe you’ll forgive me because I have a freebie for you! One step in […]

Rapid Prototyping Tips

On Thanksgiving, I was thinking about a Rapid Prototyping session I’m hosting at work next week and also how to make Pillsbury crescent rolls. I […]

Your Superpower: Seeing the Big Picture

I recently read ‘The Art of Stillness’. One of the illustrations in it is a huge painting. Imagine you’re standing in an art gallery, with […]