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E-Learning is a vacation… said no learner ever

One of the first things I learned when I started to teach many years ago, is that you have three types of participants: – Prisoners: […]

Should L&D fall under HR or vice versa?

Last year I attended a network meeting of L&D Professionals. One of the participants I shared a table with, made a remark that I’ve been […]

Next Learning 2017

On April 18th it was time for the Next Learning 2017 event in Den Bosch. It had been a few years since I attended this […]

How to keep yourself motivated – 3 Tips

Do you have great idea’s to implement, but are you hitting a brick wall when you try to move forward? Do you feel underappreciated at […]

Online Educa Berlin 2016: Business Educa: making progress!

The first time I went to the Online Educa Berlin Conference (in 2014), I almost quit my job. I was so inspired by the people […]

70:20:10 and 4 possible reasons why it is so hard to implement

Show me an L&D related conference or seminar where 70:20:10 is not mentioned and I’ll eat a shoe! Pretty much all L&D professionals have learned […]

Learning Styles… do they exist, or not?

It isn’t that long ago that somebody reprimanded me on Twitter because I dared to use the word “learning styles”. Because everybody knows that learning […]

How to implement the Pokémon Go principle in learning

As I wrote on Facebook this morning, the world has gone crazy! Crazy with the Pokémon Go game that is! In this game you have […]

Interviewed by Belgian HR Platform WisKeys

In June 2016 I’ve been interviewed by Belgian HR Platform WisKeys about how we use e-learning at HeidelbergCement Benelux for our Health & Safety training. […]

Keeping track of informal learning

Informal learning… we do it all the time! It happens when we read a blog, Google to find an answer to a question we have, […]

5 reasons why I don’t like MOOC’s and probably never will

They have been around for a while now, MOOC’s, or Massive Open Online Courses. The idea is great, free education for the masses. Many universities […]

L&D Professionals: Beware!

L&D Professionals: Beware! Between now and not so many years your job will become extinct! We are living in a changing world and that means […]