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Starbucks Founder Says This is the Most Undervalued Characteristic of Leadership

There are many entrepreneurial and leadership success stories in the world–but there may be none better than Starbucks and Howard Schultz. The company’s original founders created a coffee company in […]

3 Questions Remote Leaders Ask Their Team Every Week

I can’t lie, I used to think having remote workers was a terrible idea. I couldn’t see any path for working remotely that created a better and […]

4 Reasons Why You Must Lead With Integrity

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having unshakable moral principles, situated at the intersection of consistent actions and strong values. In […]

5 Ways Bad Leaders Wreck Their Culture

I used to think “culture” was a buzzword. I used to think culture wasn’t as important as the strategy and execution. I heard Peter Drucker’s quote […]

4 Simple Steps to Be a Better Manager

The vast majority of professionals get promoted into management roles without any prior experience or training on how to effectively lead other people. This kind […]

4 Reasons You Will Quit Your Job But Not Leave

As I watched from afar my suspicions were confirmed. He quit but kept coming in every day. He was doing just enough to stay off his manager’s radar, but […]

10 Reasons Managers Fail and What You Can Do About It

There aren’t many things worse than having a bad manager.  Not only does it make you dislike your job but it’s extremely demotivating to come […]

2 Great Leadership Lessons from Nick Saban and Scott Frost

If you just look, there are leadership lessons all around you.  One great place to learn from is the world of sports.  The building, coaching […]

A Simple Idea to Make Your Hierarchical Organization Work Much Better

The vast majority of companies are set up as hierarchical organizations.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with this structure, we have started to see […]

5 Resolutions the Best Leaders Commit to Every Year

It’s that time of the year again. We’ve all come up with resolutions to make 2018 our best year ever. This first week of January, […]

9 Great Leadership Lessons Learned in 2017

With another year coming to an end, it’s a great best practice to look back on the previous year to learn and grow before heading […]

Is Being a Manager a Burden or a Blessing?

Most professionals start their managerial role thinking their new job is a blessing, but it quickly turns into a burden. Which one is it for […]