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This CEO Teaches Leadership by Using an Uncommon Word

In 2003, as Casey Crawford put on his Super Bowl championship ring, deep down he knew he had suited up for the last time. During his […]

3 Things Every Employee Needs From Their Leader

Our lives seem to be a daily battle between what we want and what we need. From cars to houses, to relationships, to food. While most people […]

Powerful Habits that Change Managers into Great Leaders

The debate about the difference between a manager and leader has been settled. Without question, there is a difference in both definition and behavior. Just to ensure we are […]

The 5 Modern Leader Profiles. Which One Are You?

A sense of real frustration had set in. The team wasn’t meeting the expectations I had for them and not one team member seemed to be […]

One Lesson You Can Learn From Jordan Spieth to Be Successful

Jordan Spieth is on the verge of making golf history. At just the ripe age of 24, Spieth has won three legs of the career […]

The Real Reason People Leave Their Manager

At the end of the meeting, my soon to be ex-colleague sat across the table from me and said something I will never forget “I […]

6 Brilliant Leadership Lessons from World Champion Steve Kerr

There are leaders, then there are great leaders. When you experience a great leader in everyday life, it’s a different experience. Enter Steve Kerr, head coach of […]

How to Show Your Boss You Are Ready for Leadership

Everything you have experienced and will experience can make you a better professional throughout your career, but only if you want it to. If you can […]

7 Choices You Should Make to Be a Better Leader

Traditional corporate leadership approaches adopted by many organizations over the last 50 years use a top down hierarchical approach, where managers are ultimate authority figures […]

Are You a Boss or a Leader?

In one of my first jobs my boss said to me one day, “You know deep down everyone’s motives are only for themselves, they only […]

What the Highest Rated CEO This Year Teaches Us About Leadership

Everybody loves a top 100 list. It could be the best dog breeds, best cities to live in, or in this case, the highest rated CEOs. […]

All Extremely Successful Professionals Know This Secret

The best professionals know their success has a lot to do with who they surround themselves with. Jim Rohn probably said it best: “You are the average of […]