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We care about supporting learning and especially competency in all types of organizations. We leverage our academic research and experience everyday when we implement performance support programs for our clients. We are excited to share our knowledge as it relates to the processes, the learning resources and technologies that support learning in a competency-based arena. Our blog talks about instructional design, eLearning, lms implementation, customer training and gamification.

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Content Curation: How to use it in your L&D Strategy

How to create a successful content curation strategy in your organization?

Easy Guide to Successful LMS Implementation – Introduction

This article gives an overview of our new eBook - Easy Guide to Successful LMS Implementation - to help you creating your implementation plan.

5 Tips to Engage Millennials through Mobile Learning

This article outlines key tips that will help you incorporate mobile learning into your learning strategy to better engage millennials.

Six Common LMS Buying Challenges

How can you ensure that your chosen learning platform allows you to compete in the global marketplace?

Five Tips to Motivate Employees to Use Your LMS

This article outlines tips you can use to motivate employees to engage in learning using your LMS.

How to Track Informal Learning in Your LMS

In this article, we provide reasons why you should measure informal learning, and identify ways to use LMS to engage learners in informal learning activities.

What Do You Hate About Your LMS?

Discover six common issues that users hate about their online training platform.

Microlearning Dos and Don’ts for Successful Implementation

Yes, microlearning is one solution that can be used in corporate training to capture learners’ attention. However, like all learning solutions, microlearning needs to be […]

5 Tips to Successfully Convert Instructor-Led Training to eLearning

This article will explore some important steps to follow to successfully make the leap when converting instructor-led training to eLearning.

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Comparing LMS Platforms

With literally hundreds of eLearning platforms to choose from, how do you choose the right one, and ensure you don’t come to regret your decision?

[eBook] How to Measure Training Effectiveness – Introduction

This article gives an overview of our new eBook - Measuring Training Effectiveness - to help you evaluating your training program, its effectiveness and ROI

Introducing Open Badges, Bambora Payment Option and, Learning Path Images

We have just released Open Badges, the Bambora Payment option, and Learning Path Images.