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JAR Systems, LLC. is a technology company with a singular focus, to provide the best mobile carts and charging solutions to our customers. Our primary markets include educational institutions, where our mission has been to seamlessly integrate information technology hardware and software for an enjoyable and truly unique teaching and learning experience. Through years of consulting with educators and IT professionals we continue to achieve this goal, by identifying and rectifying common issues with existing charging and storage solutions. After more than a decade of experience in this industry we have decided to share the information we have gathered in our educational technology blog, Let's Tech! This blog is brought to readers by the Cart Guru, who discusses topics ranging from mobile carts, to classroom devices, to edtech grant opportunities, to tips on integrating technology into the lesson plan, and more!

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DIY Time Saving Methods for Mass Enrolling Chromebooks

Time to roll-out new Chromebook devices? Before setting your students loose with their devices, the Chromebooks must be enrolled into your school’s domain in order […]

Why Your School Needs 1:1, BYOD Charging Lockers

As more schools move toward BYOD and 1:1 technology programs, there is a growing need for charging lockers. These are small lockers that allow students […]

Peer Ideas to Spark Technology Integration in Your Classroom

Effectively integrating technology into the curriculum can be a challenge. One of the best new avenues that addresses this issue comes in the form of blogs […]

How Much Security is Really Needed for Educational Technology?

As laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices enter the classroom, school districts face an ever-increasing challenge of managing their technology. Some of the biggest inevitable […]

The Worst Ways to Cut Corners on Charging Solutions

Thoughtful tech administrators are always looking for ways to improve the learning of students while stretching their budgets and saving as much money for taxpayers […]

Battery Life Myths That Matter for Schools

When the lithium ion battery became the new standard for mobile devices, a technological leap was made. Laptops, notebooks, and even Chromebooks and tablets can now […]

6 Inspiring "Maker Project" Resources To Jump-start Your Curriculum

Over the past decade, makerspaces have been one of the most innovative trends to emerge in modern pedagogy. Inspired by DIY hackspaces and alternative schools, […]

3 Steps to Extend the Lifespan of Your Charging Cart

Technology charging carts can be a considerable, but necessary investment. Taking steps to prolong the lifespan of this investment could save your institution thousands of […]

BYOD: How to Keep Devices Charged All Day

Schools in the United States spend a lot of money on education technology, in fact, it’s fair to say that is an understatement. EdTech spending […]

4 Charging Cart “Hacks” to Make you Merry This Year!

The end of the year has snuck up on us again and it is time for us to get into the holiday spirit. Our favorite […]

We’re Going 1:1, Do We Need Carts?

So you are thinking of going one-to-one... Many schools are striving toward a one-to-one computing program, affording every student with learning-enhancing technology at their disposal. This […]

When to Not Buy a Charging Cabinet or Wall Unit

When it comes to charging and storage solutions for mobile devices, there is a wide selection of products available to educators that offer a range of features and functionality. One such solution is the […]