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Logicearth Learning Services specialises in the design and delivery of practical workplace learning solutions. We work in partnership with organisations to help them make best use of modern learning practices & technologies to support their staff and customers to deliver better business results.

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Why you need to mind the gap between UI and UX in eLearning

UI (usability) and UX (user experience), you will know they are essential for eLearning if you’ve read our blog before where we have frequently espoused […]

5 tips to get the best out of Evolve digital learning content authoring tool

Digital learning authoring tools - which one? Are you in the Captivate camp, or are you a loyal Articulate Storyline eLearning hero? Maybe you are […]

Keep it all in with the digital learning revolution

This month, thousands of school students received exam results. Most will have studied hard and memorised huge amounts of information for the exams; but how […]

Understanding time to competence will make you a better manager

Kate, our most recent modern instructional design recruit successfully completed her ID apprenticeship. From her apprenticeship, lasting just over one year, Kate is now a […]

Four media techniques only the best eLearning designers use

Music, sound effects and voiceover have been included in great digital learning content for so long now that it is hard to imagine not including […]

Are millennials demanding to be free range learners?

At the weekend, I adopted my third batch of battery hens. In their previous 'home', they were kept indoors 24/7, with little room to move […]

Can’t concentrate, won’t concentrate: 5 micro-learning formats that will catalyse your staff

Have you heard the one about our attention span and gold fish? If so; you have probably heard wrong. The idea that we are now […]

Scenarios in eLearning: a case of best not worst

  A writer-friend once gave me the extraordinary gift of the 13-volume Oxford English Dictionary from 1933 – the version, which, he assured me, was […]

How do you get a global engineering company to say it is the best eLearning they’ve ever taken – great stories!

Stories and digital learning for grown-ups Once upon a time there was an Instructional Designer called Niamh. One day, Niamh's boss sent her to visit […]

How L&D works at Allianz Global Investors

  Welcome to the Logicearth blog series for supporting the transformation of L&D. Over recent years, L&D as a support function has faced a lot […]

The constant eLearning gardener

It’s April. And – all you L&D staff out there – you know what that means? It’s gardening time! If I’m a learning consultant by […]

What would you put in eLearning room 101?

This blog isn’t my idea. It’s someone else’s idea. It’s a good idea. ‘Which aspects of eLearning would you put in Room 101?’ she asked. […]