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Loquiz is a mobile game platform that enables creating indoor and outdoor adventure games, photo and scavenger hunts. Games are built online and played on smart devices. It helps event professionals, team building trainers and outdoor adventure companies to create engaging games for their clients with less workload. Core purpose is to get people to interact with each other and surroundings. Tech is not the cause but rather a tool to make through gamification engagement with event more fun. Better games, less work!

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An Activity station -a new question type for team building games

Loquiz has had so far 7 question types to put your content into. Now make it 8 because the newest question type, an Activity station […]

Your own images as pins – custom pin icons feature

It is now possible to go bananas! Well,  you can literally add any image as a pin icon in Loquiz whether it is a berry or […]

Choosing the app theme color – personalize the looks of games

We have gradually developed Loquiz in the way to enable you to alternate the appearance of the app. This means that it is easy to […]

Important- update Loquiz app! New design and features.

It is time to update and get the latest version of Loquiz app from Google Play or Appstore. Reason is that the app design has […]

iOS update – new design features of the Loquiz app

There is a new version of Loquiz app in the Appstore. If you decide to update your iOS devices then the games you run will […]

Beacons and using them in games for teambuilding events

The usage of Beacons is  one way to activate questions in games. What are the beacons and how to use them in the games you […]

Activating locations with a timer in scavenger games

Scavenger game type is one of the most flexible ones in Loquiz. This blog post focuses on different ways of using a timer in scavenger game […]

Sneak peek on upcoming design change and new features

Changes to the Loquiz app design will be released in February. Some of them are subtle improvements, making player experience smoother but some are noticeable […]

Waivers and responsibility

How do you get proof that people participating in your event are adequately briefed and understand what they are about to undertake?  How to include […]

Game idea – Quiz battle

Here’s an idea for an intensive and competitive quiz. Easy to prepare and should be fun to play. The main idea is that people are […]

Event professional news – Linkfeast 63

Linkfeast for eventprofs sums up three hot articles- something not to miss! Event Technology Innovation Trends Highlighted with IBTM World’s 2017 Technology & Innovation Watch […]

Gathering – a game idea

The Gathering is a game that fosters cooperation and pushes the processes of group negotiations and agreements to its limits. The Gathering utilizes Loquiz Rogain […]