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Loquiz is a mobile game platform that enables creating indoor and outdoor adventure games, photo and scavenger hunts. Games are built online and played on smart devices. It helps event professionals, team building trainers and outdoor adventure companies to create engaging games for their clients with less workload. Core purpose is to get people to interact with each other and surroundings. Tech is not the cause but rather a tool to make through gamification engagement with event more fun. Better games, less work!

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Change in uploading the videos players shoot

Uploading the teams’ videos taken during the game has changed. Previously wifi was needed in the end of the game to upload videos. Now videos […]

Handling photos and videos made by players

Uploading information over the mobile data is sometimes a challenge. Uploading photos and videos is the work in progress for us, that will gradually improve […]

Top Tactics To Use Live Events To Promote Your Brand

The value of live event marketing is difficult to overstate. In fact, some 67 percent of B2B marketers believe that event marketing is the single most […]

Mistake to avoid while marketing the games you created

I have noticed one common misconception when event professionals start to market their games. They market them as “a new and exciting smart device game”. In […]

Event professional news – Linkfeast 57

There are many news to keep eyes on in the corporate events industry. Linkfeast wraps up the most interesting 3 links for easy digest. This […]

New feature! All answers to a question considered correct- survey questions

Now you can  set questions up as survey questions. It means that all players` answers to the question are considered correct. Sometimes there is a need […]

Event professional news – Linkfeast 56

Staying on top of news can be a challenging task. So we regularly pick out the most interesting part. This week’s Linkfeast includes ideas about […]

Loquiz is now used to create location based games in 26 countries, over 3300 games run at events worldwide in the first half of 2017

Loquiz gamification platform is happy to announce that the partnerships signed with event companies over the first half of 2017 take Loquiz to 26 countries […]

How To Attract Event Sponsors – A Simple Guide For Event Professionals

Did you know? About 75% of event sponsors are on a constant look-out for new partnerships. Moreover, IEG forecasted a 4.5% increase in sponsorship spending […]

Mountain bike or skiing game

While most outdoor team building games take place on foot and some by cars,  there can be cool exceptions. We know that Loquiz has been run with kayaks, […]

Why to run events often?

We care about Your company succeeding in every event.  Here are 3 top reasons why you should use Loquiz at least every other week so […]

What you lose when you don’t use games at events?

Some event professionals start to use gamification tech without too much reasoning, just because there is a pressure in the form of the clients` demands. […]