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Infographic: 8 Dos and Don'ts to make your eLearning initiative work

Download the infographic or read our blog post on the same topic.

Is your LMS provider GDPR compliant?

The EU data privacy protection regulation's deadline is fast approaching and eLearning providers are scrambling to get their platforms ready to meet the new requirements. […]

The Cat Will Be Very Much Alive

There’s always been a paradoxical recursion about teaching a teacher. What is a teacher anyway? And how does a teacher learn? What about the redundancy […]

Induction Training Can Be Time- and Resource-Efficient. Here’s How.

Happy New Year to you all! Let it be healthy, joyful and prosperous! We’ll open up the new year with a quick walk into one […]

How to build the Business case for an LMS?

Buying a Learning Management System (LMS) is not something that you would do very often and with such high value purchases it is necessary to […]

Busting Top 3 Sales Force Online Training Myths, Part I

Busting Myth #1: There is no way to measure the impact on the bottom line from sales force training activities Any sales training professional you […]

Busting Top 3 Sales Force Online Training Myths, Part II

Busting Myth # 2: Maintaining a top-notch sales force requires significant time off-the-sales-floor trainings By definition, eLearning is more convenient and cost-effective than Instructor Led […]

10 tips on how to create great online sales trainings

If you want to have a sales team that performs to the best of its abilities and constantly delivers over and beyond its targets, it […]

Busting Top 3 Sales Force Online Training Myths, Part III

Busting Myth # 3: You need a big team of trainers to deliver training content to many trainees at the same time Many sales companies […]

On the Lookout for an LMS? The free 2018 Buyer’s Guide to LMS is Here.

If you are looking for a learning management system, you’ve probably braced yourself for all the headaches and hardships you are about to experience. After […]

12 LMS Attributes You Shouldn’t Compromise On

Given the fact there are more than 600 learning management systems on the market today, finding the best fit for your company training needs and […]

The Se7en Pet Peeves of the eLearning Designer

I’ve felt the chills along my spine couching through sir Alfred classics or contemporary staples like ‘The Ring’ or ‘The Blair Witch Project’. I’ve turned […]