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MicroAssist Senior Learning Architect Kevin Gumienny to Present at the 20th Annual Training Expo 2016 in Austin, Texas

MicroAssist Senior Learning Architect, Kevin Gumienny, is presenting at the 20th Annual Training Expo 2016 in Austin, Texas as part of the track sponsored by E-Learning […]

This Week in Learning - December 2, 2015

No Nexters Want to create successful virtual training? Richard Culatta tells us the first step is to stop converting instructor-led courses to a virtual format. […]

This Week in Learning - December 2, 2015

Is Gamification Worth It? Capterra and TalentLMS decided to survey their users and find out. Short answer: yes. Interesting finding: more than one-third (37%) use […]

This Week in Learning - November 10, 2015

Meaningless Edits When we develop learning, we often write. John McIntyre, editor at the Baltimore Sun (to whom I’ve linked before), gives us a short […]

This Week in Learning - November 17, 2015

Play More Games Sharron Boller at ATD offers some of the best advice to consider when designing learning games: Play more games! Grab Attention […]

This Week in Learning - November 4, 2015

Nothing Left to Take Out Jane Bozarth urges us to give the learner a fighting chance by eliminating everything that doesn’t add to learning. “Design […]

This Week in Learning - October 28, 2015

Customer Training Do you train your customers? Steven Boller at Bottom-Line Performance has a nice discussion on the importance of an instructional design approach to […]

This Week in Learning - October 22, 2015

Transfer of Learning From, a nice primer on improving the transfer of learning in the workplace. Formatting Lists Yes, yes, we all know […]

This Week in Learning

Social Media and Learning—For Real, This Time How many times have we heard that the future of learning is social media? Dena Rezaei at ATD […]

Notes from the ACLU Privacy & Technology Conference

Heather Poggi-Mannis, MicroAssist’s security training product manager, attended the ACLU Privacy and Technology conference at the AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas Austin. […]

This Week in Learning

Book Review: The Science of Training and Development in Organizations: What Matters in Practice Patti Shank concludes her review of Eduardo Salas’ (et al.) essential […]

This Week in Learning

Private Sector and Accessibility Not to harp on accessibility, but Tom Toombs at SSB BART Group lets us know designing for accessibly is not just […]