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This website is the culmination of an idea that I have had for the last several years. It serves primarily as a portfolio for my work, but it is also a place to openly collaborate with my colleagues in the Instructional Design and eLearning industry.

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ELH Challenge #4: Flat Design Interactions

The fourth Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge consists of designing a flat design template, including at least three different content slides. Flat design is one of […]

Emergency Management System

This sample is from another hour-long OSHA mandated compliance program, but it was the first time after three years, that I worked in Adobe Captivate. […]

Responding to Incidents

… The post Responding to Incidents appeared first on MPJones E-Learning.

Safe Lifting

This is the third and final module that I was responsible for developing on the OSHA compliance project. In it, I used an animated infographic […]

Situational Leadership II Model: 5 Tab Interaction

This Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge is to design a 5-tab interaction, with the tabs remaining persistent over slides or layers. Using tabs is a good […]

The Gatekeeper

This Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge is to design a two-slide interaction that includes a content screen and a gate screen. The key is to show […]

Productivity Boosting Tools for eLearning Pros

Being an eLearning Developer means being very busy—all of the time—and requires maintaining a high level of productivity. From developing prototypes, to sifting through mountains […]

Big Changes & New Opportunities

Seven months—wow! I can hardly believe it has been that long since I’ve last done anything on this website, or in the Articulate Community! Although I wish it wasn’t […]

Mind the Gap (Analysis)

Cadillac Conundrum Lately, I’ve struggled with a saying that I’ve heard when it comes to training. We should build the Cadillac of training — let them customize it […]

Purposeful Gaming in eLearning

There’s a growing trend that has me both excited and alarmed – the rising popularity of Gamification in eLearning. It’s unquestionable that games are fun […]

CRAP Design is Good Design

The other day, I was attending a webinar on eLearning design and an attendee asked a question that honestly surprised me. The discussion was about white […]

Sorry About That

Hi everyone! It looks like we have some gremlins in the wires for the site. The debut article from my good friend and colleague Kristen […]